Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Very Loud Sunday Afternoon At Our House

The Patriots losing to Miami was shocking to say the least. Fortunately, I wasn't home to hear my husband yelling and stomping and throwing things today because I went to our puppet team picnic. I heard the score on the radio coming home and was surprised when nothing was broken. Gerard said he went for a walk at halftime because he had to get away from it for awhile. He's a big time Patriot fan.

Then I got set to watch my Browns--more yelling! (No stomping or throwing anything, just some computer breaks.) I actually had hopes of the Browns winning today against the Baltimore Ravens. What was really sad is that I missed the one touchdown the Browns did have because I went on the computer for a little bit and when I came back, they had scored 7 points! It was a pleasant surprise and I was optimistic. At half time, the Browns had a 10-7 lead and I was very hopeful, almost confident in fact. I bet on my Browns with the 2 pt. spread and was doing good on all my other picks. If only the Browns could beat the spread, I'd win my office pool!

Then came the second half let down filled with turnovers and penalties, including a fumble call against the Ravens that was reversed on a challenge! The Browns got an interception but didn't capitalize on it like the Ravens did. Can it get any worse? I seriously doubt it! I believe Anderson was sacked 5 times! Anderson was clearly rattled and had absolutely no composure under pressure at all--at least none that I noticed. At one point he looked like a scared rabbit and other time like a deer caught in headlights. Cribbs was wide open and Anderson's pass was way high again. Does he even practice passing during the week? His throws were terrible. Maybe I shouldn't have watched since they scored when I wasn't looking.

I was sure Crennel would put in Quinn to give us a chance but no. He apparently still had confidence in Anderson. In the paper this morning, Crennel was quoted as saying "Derek had had most of the work during the course of the week, and we still had a chance." Here's a thought--how about making sure Quinn gets some practice each week with the first string too so we can bring him in when Anderson completely falls apart like he did yesterday?

I would like to know though why the Ravens didn't get penalized for taunting. Practically every play they made, someone was either strutting around like a peacock or one time even boxing the air!

Next week we play the Bengals who are also 0-3. At least one of these bad teams will finally get a win. Browns or Bengals--who do you think will win? I am about ready to bet against the Browns. I keep hoping they will get it together. I thought for sure they could beat Baltimore since last week they came so close to beating Pittsburgh, but NO! Not today.


Daisy said...

I am sorry your team lost. My team is the Miami Dolphins, so I was glad they (finally) won. It was very, very shocking!

Karen and Gerard said...

It helps knowing at least you were glad the Dolphins won. Since we like you, Daisy, it takes a little of the sting out of the loss.

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