Monday, January 8, 2024

Fun Fantasy Football Season! Won Championship!

My third year playing Fantasy Football, I just squeaked into the playoffs with an 8-6 record.  I was definitely the underdog going into the playoffs but then my guys came through and I blew everyone out with a 2-week playoff total of 306.28!  I had the 1st draft position in our snake league so was able to get a good draft.  

This season went fast!  I read through two Fantasy Football magazines and watched the Fantasy Live show every week, and had fun picking guys up from the waiver wire along the way, adjusting my line up every week, and cheering on my guys.  I am a Browns fan and had four on my team (Njoku, Cooper, Defense, Moore and Flacco).  I had Flacco as a backup instead of Sam Howell who I played just for Jalen Hurts' bye week, picking him up so no one else could get him.  

Here are my Keys to winning:

1.  Draft good players that I would want to cheer for.  That means not drafting guys on other teams in the Browns division.  The only exceptions were when (1) I was short on receivers due to injuries so picked up Odell Beckham but didn't have to play him after all; and (2) taking the Steelers defense week 18 because I knew the Browns would be resting some key players.  

2.  If deliberating between two players, choose the one from the better team.

3.  Be willing to play good players even when they are playing against the Browns (my team).

4.  Don't put so much weight on the projection points, trust your gut and listen to Cynthia Friedman's advice on the Fantasy Football show.

5.  Don't put players who are playing early in the flex position.  

Do you have any other tips to share in the comments on keys to winning in Fantasy Football?  I'd love to hear them!

I'd like to give a shout out to my stellar players who were consistent and helped me win this year who were:  Jalen Hurts, Amari Cooper, Raheem Mostert, Breece Hall, David Njoku, Nico Collins, Justin Jefferson and Browns Defense.  I'm already looking forward to playing again next year.
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