Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our 18th Wedding Anniversary--Hard to Believe!

This was then . . .
8-30-97 at Stan Hewitt Gardens, photo taken by Michael Solomon

This is now . . .

No more perm for me! (Taken at our vet where our dog visits every day!)
In 18 years, our lives truly have melded together.  Gerard has a bit less hair and mine is more gray but we are both happy and truly blessed!  Gerard retired at age 62 last November and so we cut back on our charitable donations.  He is waiting until 65 to start getting social security.  We went from two cars down to one and think that was a wise decision.  We really like our 2012 Ford Escape.  It's nice having Gerard home to take care of things that otherwise I'd have to take off work to do.  Abby (our dog) loves having him with her all day!  He even plays some with our cats now.  Besides having less income, the biggest change this year that I am really happy about is that now he helps me with my Sunday School class every week. 

We hope we have many more happy years together.  We highly recommend marriage--the key is to be yourself when dating so you find the right person and do not write off someone based solely on looks.  Inside may be a kind, compassionate and generous unselfish person who will love you deeply in spite of your faults.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our Big Hole

The City of Parma is replacing the pipes so digging up peoples yards.  This week it's our turn and it seems we hit the jackpot.  Our hole is bigger than the others, taking up not only the tree lawn but also part of our sidewalk.  They dug the hole yesterday and got everyone else's hole refilled except for ours.  The city will replace the sidewalk and plant new grass once they are done, but it sure looks like a mess right now.  I think it's good though that they are replacing the pipes before they broke.

The pile of dirt from our hole.
The pretty new pipe.
They put up a plastic fence all around it.
Hopefully they'll get it all filled back in today. 

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Happy International Cat Day!

Rest Time

What's Spunky doing?
I like playing with string!

I know, I'm so pretty!

Hey Spunky, a bag to chew on over here!

What should we do next, Spunky?

If you do not have a cat, what are you waiting for?  they are great companions, easy to care for, fun to play with, amusing, and promote a peaceful atmosphere . . . usually.

I'm currently reading Love Saves the Day by Gwen Cooper which I found out about on YouTube from one of the book trailer Booktube challenges:

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