Thursday, June 6, 2024

Happy 2-Year Gotcha Day to Bear!


The picture above is Bear on the first day I got him.  I am so glad I took him in and made him part of our family.  He is a great companion, pretty much following me everywhere and laying on my lap when I read or watch TV.  I never once regretted getting him!  I am pleased to report that he and I have adjusted to our new routine to handle his Diabetes.  He is now eating all his new food within 1/2 an hour (or even less) and he lays nice for me to give him his Insulin.  He doesn't try to hide or run away when I pull out the needle and the bottle.  I am amazed at how cooperative he is.  I will go play pickleball this morning, but then will spend the rest of the day with Bear to celebrate his second gotcha day.  Unfortunately, he can't have treats extra food and is not big on toys so just being together is the best gift I can give him.  He is now 6 years old.

Now sooner had I finished writing this about how good a cat he is, I went upstairs and found a big hole in his window screen.  Must have tried to get at a bird or squirrel.  UGH!  Got it patched up right away with old reliable duck tape.  Never fear, I still love you, Bear!