Friday, October 28, 2016

Fun in Cleveland--Go Tribe!

My Newest Indians Shirt from my Husband!
Finally the Cleveland Indians made it into the post-season and get to play the Cubs in the World Series!  It is so exciting to watch this team with a good mix of guys.  It reminds me of the 1995 team with walk-off wins, a lot of great defense, good pitching and good hitting.  You just never know who will have the clutch hit.

I think Lindor is my favorite player because I love his fun attitude and outstanding plays.  It's also fun to see him steal bases and is just an all-around good player who obviously loves the game.  He reminds me of Omar Vizquel who also was my favorite player when he was with the 1995 team.

It's also nice that I get to wear Indians shirts to work on certain game days in the post season.  The Cubs are good too and I would be pulling for them to win IF they were playing anyone other than the Indians.  

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