Sunday, September 14, 2008

Unplug Your Appliances When Not In Use and Save!

Below is the response I received from Happy Family Matters when I asked if the appliances still use electricity even when off. Here is the explanation and I'm going to start doing this because the time when we actually use these is minimal (except for the computer which is usually in use all the time when we are home), but still, through the day when we are at work, we could be saving money by unplugging it.

Hi Karen,

Here is the answer to all of them. - Any electrical or electronic equipment or appliance is still consuming electric power that is still plugged in, even if it is off. This is what we call stand-by current. Although it is very small, it is still big when you add them up.

So if your Direct TV box plug is easy to reach, I strongly suggest that you unplug it.

Besides, it is safer for any home when all unused plugs are removed.

Here is a great proof from US Department of Energy -

Thanks for finding my blog informative.

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The Author said...

I've read too about appliances drawing energy when they are plugged in. I make it a point to unplug my coffee pot every day as well as my microwave. I don't unplug my DirectTV box because it is recording my favorite shows throughout the day and night but I figure if I can save some money just by unplugging items, it's worth it.

Unknown said...

Excellent tip! I always try to do this, but sometimes forget. Sometimes I wish I could unplug my computer...but I have too much work to do...


Karen and Gerard said...

We decided not to unplug our TV and Direct TV because we don't want to have to wait for it to reset every time, and you make a good point! I record shows too so we need it to stay on.

The jury is still out on unplugging the computer or not. I did unplug the printer because I don't print every day, but the computer we like to jump on quick in the morning and when we get home from work. I unplugged it last night for the first time mostly because of the high winds. I thought for sure our power would go off (but it didn't). It's kind of a hard plug to get to. I have to crawl under the desk and reach behind it to unplug it. I don't think I'm going to do that every day.

Susan Cook said...

I don't unplug my computer or coffee maker. The coffee maker is programed and unplugging it would mess everything up. If you shut down your computer at night that should help too. I know people who leave it on 24/7. You should shut it off at least overnight. Just went around and unplugged some things not using. By the way am I the only one who doesn't have Direct TV? - lol.

Karen and Gerard said...

I do shut off the computer at night and while I'm at work.

I'm sure lots of people don't have Direct TV. The only reason we switched from Cox is to get the NFL ticket so we could see all the games.

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