Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Which Charity to Choose? Covenant House!

Yesterday we got the last part of the basement floor done with Nature Stone and I am excited! When we placed the order, I thought it was so nice of them that they asked what charity we wanted the percentage of the cost donated to in our name. At first, my husband immediately suggested Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue which is the cat sanctuary we visited and the one we donate $100 a month to, mostly out of guilt for not being able to save my dad's cats.

On second thought though, I just felt like we already give quite a bit to that and I'd really like to do more for the homeless. Covenant House came to mind so I chose that one instead. Covenant House helps thousands of homeless youth who are going through very difficult times get their lives straightened out. It is a charity we support monthly too but for much less.

My heart breaks for youth who have such bad homes that they feel the need to run away to survive. I just hate to think of kids living on the streets when I had such a good childhood with wonderful parents and a nice home. When it comes between animals or people, I feel I must give to helping people at least as much (if you've been reading my blogs, you all know how big an animal lover I am). People are so important to God that He died for them and I want to make sure I am part of letting people know that.

I read a very good book novel about homeless youth called You Can't Get There From Here by Todd Strasser. It really made me think and gain insight into how some kids live on the streets. It was good and I highly recommend it!

I am happy to contribute to Covenant House and have been for years. Check out real stories on their website, find out how you can help or even get help for yourself at

Here is our finished basement with the last section of Nature Stone done. It only took them several hours to pour the floor and then one guy came back the next day to put a coating over it which only took about an hour. We'll be able to walk on it and move our furniture back in tomorrow.


Susan Cook said...

I never heard of a company like that donating a percentage to charity. Sounds like a great company. And it's very nice of you to donate to these charities every month. :)

The Author said...

Thank you for pointing the way to a great charity. I'm always looking for charities that help children and the homeless and animals. You are a wonderful person to think of helping others in need.

Joan said...

Karen -
I work at Covenant House and came across your blog - thanks so much for mentioning us. And thank you for helping take care of our kids. They're good kids who deserve a chance and it's great that you believe in them. Keep on blogging!

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