Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Favorite Reads for November: Mudbound and Roam

Karen's favorite book she read this month was Mudbound by Hillary Jordan (Gerard liked it too!):

Mudbound by Hillary Jordan is a book that drew me into the characters.  It is historical fiction during 1946 about a black and a white man coming home from war to Mississippi to help their families on the farm.  I had no idea what this book was about from the title, but “Mudbound” is the name of the farm Henry bought out of the blue without even consulting his wife, Laura.  She is the one who named the farm because she felt trapped there.  Through great story telling by all the characters, the reader discovers the tragic story behind Pappy’s death.

Although I did not like the offensive language, it was a part of history and was used appropriately in conveying the unfairness the Blacks faced every day.  Mudbound is very well written and had lots of good passages in it.  I had a hard time choosing a teaser!  I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it if you like books with some depth that cause you to really take an interest in the characters.  I agree with Gerard that it would make a good movie.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unique Presentation of The Hallelujah Chorus in Alaska

This video from the small Yupiq Eskimo Village of Quinhagak, Alaska, was a school computer project intended for the other Yupiq villages in the area." I found this over at Along the Way and just had to share it with you!

I think it's amazing that none of the letters were going the wrong way by mistake and that they were flipped right on cue! A lot of work went into making this video and I really enjoyed it! Hope you will too.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Disappointment For Browns Fans

Abby asks:  Why do you watch football when it makes you so upset?
I thought for sure the Browns would win over St. Louis two weeks ago, but they lost.  Here is what I yelled:   “HOLD EM!  DON’T LET THEM SCORE!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT—THEY ARE SO BAD!  HOW PATHETIC!  UNBELIEVABLE! (Which I said when the snap rolled along the ground and we missed a field goal)  PUT IT IN THE END ZONE!  THROW THE BALL!  NOOOOOO!  STOP THEM!  GO FOR A TOUCHDOWN!  GOOOOO!”   It was like they didn't even want a Touchdown.  They kept going for field goals and had lots of penalties.

Then, last week they actually won to my surprise.  They played pretty decent against Jacksonville but just barely hung on at the end, but they did.  I was in shock!

The first time they played Cincinnati this year, they lost because they weren't even ready for the play.  They looked really foolish but today they actually played well.  They even scored a touchdown in the first quarter on a 24-yd. pass which was a first for this season!  We got an interception and actually scored a touchdown on it.  Too bad we gave one up and the Bengals did the same thing, but the Browns were actually leading the whole game until the Bengals tied it up in the 4th quarter with a field goal.  Once again, we were battling for the win in the last few minutes of the game and had a chance to pull ahead with a field goal.  Again, it was like the St. Louis game with the snap rolling along the ground!  The field goal attempt was close but no good.  The Browns kept the Bengals from scoring a touchdown but gave up the field goal and lost 23-20.

It was a heartbreaking loss just when we had a chance to start climbing back up. I took Abby for a short walk and came across some peperoni on a tree lawn which she was determined to get.  The only way I got her moving was to pick it up and lead her along with it.  I forgot to bring her treats along.  By the time we got home, I was calmed down.  I wasn't too upset because the Browns did play well today.  They didn't have many penalties at all and did score 20 points which was fun to see.  I'm sure it's even more frustrating for the players to lose games like this that they played so hard to win.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

How We Spent Thanksgiving Day

Of course our day began with Gerard walking Abby. We both watched "Parenthood" and then I watched "The Biggest Loser" while Gerard took Abby for another long walk.  Abby got a big bone and the cats got treats.

After Gerard read his email and printed a Steak-n-shake coupon, we had our Thanksgiving dinner at The Golden Coral. It was good and we did not over stuff ourselves. They even had a chocolate fountain so I had four chocolate covered marshmallows!

On Thanksgiving, we went to the zoo in the afternoon and the parking lots were pretty full. Admission is free to everyone on Thanksgiving Day! We enjoyed watching the four grizzly bear cubs playing and enjoying their special Thanksgiving day treat of a bunch of branches.

The people were interesting too, like this couple here.

I bought some battery operated candles at CVS to place in our windows that are time to light for 8 hours and be off 16 hours.  Gerard took Abby for another walk while I set up my new candles in the front windows, scheduled this post and took care of the cats.

We finished off the evening with some reading and some TV.  What did you do yesterday?  Are you going shopping today?

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Skit On Giving Thanks With A Grateful Heart

This video is by The Skit Guys. Visit their website for more great videos!

We have so much to be thankful for! Everything we have is from God and when we realize that we are really dependent on Him for everything,we will have a thankful heart all the time, not just on Thanksgiving. Look for God's purpose in every situation and be good stewards of all the things He has given to you.

I was thrilled to see my nephew and his wife dedicate their two little children to the Lord last Sunday. Children are gifts from God and a very huge responsibility.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!  Read about My Favorite Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Busted! By Spunky Doodle

Aww, c’mon mom!  Let me stay here, PLEASE!
I almost got to be on the new chair the whole evening when Karen was on the couch with Manny watching TV.  She didn’t notice me jumping up on the chair.  It’s so comfy!  But then Gerard came in and saw me and told Karen I was up there so he made me get off.  After he left though, I went back on without Karen noticing; pretty sneaky, huh?  I am getting good at that!  I know they think I might vomit and mess up the chair because I do sometimes do that, but not too much lately and usually not in the evening.
Karen didn’t notice until she got up to go to bed so then she made me get off.  I didn’t mind then because I sleep with her in the bed anyhow.

Do you think they’ll ever give in and leave me in peace when I’m on the new chair?  I can be very persistent!  Is there a place at your house where you are not allowed to go?

Go visit Bozo over at Pet Pride to link up your pet post or find more.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're Thankful The Browns Finally Won A Game!

The Browns actually won, but barely. It came right down to the end again, but this time they held on to beat Jacksonville 14-10. I was surprised they actually scored a touchdown early in the game and although they did go for a field goal once late in the game, it was ruled as missed. Depending on the camera angle, it could have gone either way and our kicker thought it was good. It went over the far right goal post so was hard to tell. All in all, the Browns played well this game. Our defense really came through at the end and thanks to the Jacksonville receiver letting the ball bounce off his chest in the end zone, we won!  Hope you enjoyed the video of us all watching together, except for Spunky Doodle who just isn't interested in football.

Karen and Manny reading during Browns game.

During the first half I finished reading Angel Fire and Manny joined me! Doesn't he look cute when he reads along with me?

We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Marty Mouse Goes To Church

Our youth pastor spoke about how God has chosen us before the creation of the world to be His adopted children with the help of Marty, his mouse.   Ephesians 1:4-5 says:

According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love; Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will.

I loved his object lesson and having the mouse up there next to him as he preached helped keep our attention.  The mouse was cute and very active, walking around his cage and spinning on his little wheel.  Gerard was impressed that he actually went to buy a mouse to assist with his sermon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

9 Things We Learned This Week 46 of 2011 (words, rebate, giveaway, hearing, health, news, sports)


Mumeration is a new word to me and is demonstrated in the cool video I saw over at Freaky Frugalite. It's a flock of Starlings flying together in a group. Some girls on a boat caught them on video!

Free Dog Food

Last Saturday I found out about a manufacturers deal where after I buy three bags of the Purina Joint Mobility dog food from the vet that the manufacturer will send me a check for a free fourth bag! I have to cut out a circle from the bag and include the sales receipts. Unfortunately, I had just thrown out our first bag last week but my wonderful husband dug through the garbage to retrieve it. Thanks, honey! 


When I watch "The Biggest Loser" the trainers always tell the contestants not to hold on while on the treadmill. At "How Railings Can Derail Your Daily Workout" a professional fitness trainer explained holding on for support can cut into your calorie burn by as much as 35%! You also are not working on your core and engaging your muscles naturally. It's better to walk outside or on an indoor track. If on the treadmill, go at a slower speed and don't hold on.

Value of a Talent

Sunday I learned that in the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, a talent was a considerable amount of money worth 10,000 x one denarri (a denarii was equal to one day's wages).

Cookbook Giveaway

Mountain Woman is giving away A Very Special Cookbook on her Red Pine Mountain blog. Winners will be announced November 21 so you have time to enter!

Hearing and Dogs

I found Wednesday's Free Kibble fact very interesting: "A dog can locate the source of a sound in 1/600th of a second... and can hear sounds four times farther away than us humans!" I hope you play every day like me to help shelters provide kibble for dogs and cats, but in case you don't, thought I'd share this with you here.


November is National Diabetes Month! In 14 Little Changes for a Healthier Life, one that was mentioned is to drink 17 to 34 ounces of water daily. “In a 9-year French study, people who regularly consumed 17 to 34 ounces of water daily were 36 percent less likely to develop high blood sugar or diabetes than those who imbibed less. Why? When you’re dehydrated, your brain turns up production of vasopressin, a hormone that signals your liver to pump out more glucose.” I already do this; nice to know I’m doing something right!

According to 14 Little Changes for a Healthier Life, bananas help lower blood pressure because the Potassium neutralizes the sodium. Guess I’m going eat bananas regularly from now on.

Coach K

Being Duke fans, we have to mention that this week Mike Krzyzewski beat Bob Knight's record for the most college basketball wins with 903! I thought it was interesting that Bob Knight used to coach Mike Krzyzewski and was his mentor. It made it even more special because Bob Knight was at the game! I read Mike's Krzyzewski's book, Leading With The Heart and highly recommend it!

Recommended Posts I Read This Week:

Funniest blog post: More Memorable Conversations (With Kids) by I’m Living Proof That God Has A Sense Of Humor

Most Amazing Video post: Is Sullivan the World's Smartest Cat? at The Conscious Cat

Most Interesting and Helpful Post: 14 Little changes for a Healthier Life at Yahoo Health/Men’s Health (I mentioned a couple points here but you should read the whole article)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Wonderful Husband Comes Through

I know it's in here.
Today is the anniversary of the day we met!  Gerard and I met at Pizza Hut 15 years ago from today and he's still willing to do anything for me including hunting through the garbage!  Saturday, when I bought some more of the Joint Mobility food for $17 at the vet for our dog, Abby, they gave me a manufacturers rebate coupon.  The catch was that after you cut three of the proof of purchase circles from the bags and included the receipts, they would send me a check for the price of a bag.  I just finished the bag that week and had already thrown in away.  The vet was very nice and gave me the previous receipt as well so that if I could find the bag, I could use it as bag 1.

Found it!
When I got home, I went into the garage to hunt down that bag.  In the can over the rest of the garbage was a big pile of stuff Gerard had just pulled out of our yard.  I did notice another bag tied up but didn't even look in it.  My wonderful husband, the "Super Duper Honey Bear" offered to get it out when I told him about the rebate deal.  He said he knew where it was and apparently didn't mind digging through it even though the cat poop was mixed in there.  I really didn't hold out much hope but thought it was very sweet of him to make the effort.

About 15 minutes later, he came back with the circle I needed!  Isn't he wonderful?  Has your husband done anything sweet or wonderful for you lately?  I am so glad we found each other through Great Expectations!  It certainly was worth the money!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Abortion: Where Does It Fall--Black, White or Gray

Initially, I would say abortion is a sin because it is intentionally taking a human life which is called murder. Do not kill is one of the ten commandments God gave. Certainly, God knows every fetus (Psalm 139:13-14). After all, He is the one who creates us and chose us before the foundation of the world. (Ephesians 1:4)

Then I hear the pro-choice reasons that in some cases, it is okay. Such as what if the doctors can see there will be brain damage? What if it’s an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy? What if the doctors can see physical defects? What if the mother was raped?

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are absolutes and God has not changed what sin is. In God’s eyes, there are not gray areas, only people make gray areas when something they want to do doesn’t fall in line with what God says to do.  We call it “situational ethics” but God calls it sin. We rationalize and question God’s judgment but have no right to do that because God is sovereign, knows the future, has a plan and created us to do good works that he planned for us to do (Eph. 2:10).
(image source:  all free clip art)

At our Women of Wonder meeting at church this month, we had a volunteer from the Cleveland Pregnancy Center speak about that organization and all the services it provides who I know personally. It was a powerful presentation because she shared her personal experience of being born to a 12-yr-old girl who was raped. She shared how the second chapter of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren helped her realize that she was not a mistake! She obviously is passionate about helping woman carry their babies full-term regardless of the circumstances.

How do you feel about abortion?

Books on this topic:
Unplanned, The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader's Eye Opening Journey Across The Life Line
Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker (deals with questioning beliefs and hating the sin but loving the sinner)
Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult (Would the mother have chosen to have an abortion had she known her daughter would have a rare disease?)The Purpose Driven Life (chapter 2) by Rick Warren

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Go 180

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Who Knew You Could Fit So Much In A Shoebox?

It's time for Operation Christmas Child again! It's the project through Samaritan's Purse that gets a gift to children living in poverty areas worldwide. Samaritan's Purse was started by Franklin Graham, son of the evangelist, Billy Graham. Franklin's autobiography, Rebel With a Cause tells about its beginnings and what a story it is! Anyhow, this year we got a box together for a boy age 10-14. Every year I misjudge the amount of items that can fit in the shoebox. On my first trip to Marc's, I was a bit short so went shopping at Dollar Store for a few more items and fit everything in except one washcloth. Here is the list of everything we fit in our little shoe box:

1 Broncos football jersey     
3 white t-shirts 
1 pair of sox         
1 bag of balloons (hey, they're fun!) 
1 Nerf ball
 1 toothbrush 
1 Colgate toothpaste
2 washcloths 
3 packs of gum
1 pen 
1 notepad
1 cute rubber lizard
1 bag of Skittles (can't send chocolate)

Our church is a collection location and participates in this project every year.  Last year our small Adult Bible Fellowship (Adult Sunday School class) all worked together to pack boxes which was a fun project!  Here's is the link to the Operation Christmas Child page where you can learn more and participate too!  If you donate the $7 for postage online, you get a barcoded label for your box that they can track to let you know where your box went.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

5 Things We Learned This Week 45 of 2011 (cats; blogging; Paterno; Pregnancy)

Brushing Cat's Teeth

To protect your cat's health and save a lot of money and worry, it's a good idea to brush your cat's teeth every day. Easier said than done, but here is a link to a video that gives a strategy for getting started: Brushing Your Cat's Teeth. I think it's definitely worth a try.

Popular Posts

I noticed that although the comments on my posts may be low, sometimes lots of people looked at it. It's easy to see now with the new view of the Blogger post list. Sometimes I feel a bit discouraged when I don't see many comments, but when I saw this I realized that people are reading my blog, just not commenting which is okay. My popular post widget though is based on comments. I am wondering it it should be based on page views instead; what do you think?

Parker hopes you will adopt one too!

Parker Adopted!

Parker, the black cat I featured on Rescue Me In Memory of Grampa J to participated in Mayzie's Remembrance of their Grampa J was adopted from Kitten Krazy so I put up another black cat!

Joe Paterno

After so many years of coaching Penn State and being the winningest college coach ever, Joe Paterno got fired! What a sad end to his legacy. At least now Tressel and Ohio State are not the top news in college football anymore.

The Cleveland Pregnancy Center

The Cleveland Pregnancy Center offers many kinds of assistance to the pregnant, parents, and post-abortive individuals and families including spiritual counseling. They offer free and confidential pregnancy testing, free ultrasounds, material assistance, courses on infant development, childbirth and Bible Studies that focus on applying God's truths in His Word to every day living. They also provide a father's outreach program, including individual and group male mentoring. I plan to do a whole post about this.  They have a 24-hour help line 7 days a week:  1-800-395-4357.

For more fragments or to link up your own, visit Half-Past Kissin' time.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

We Have It So Tough by Spunky, Manny and Abby (Writers Workshop)

Just so you know, we all like living with Karen and Gerard very much. The perks and good times far outweigh these few complaints mentioned below. The only reason we brought them up was to participate in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop prompt: A day in the life of your bad do they have it?

Riding on the Stuffed Turtle, Zippy
Spunky Doodle says my life is tough because:
·         I have to wait to be fed last and then I have to work to get my food out of the little Kong.
·         Manny sometimes chases me and it’s a constant battle for me to make sure he knows I am the boss around here.
·         Our humans remove me when I am comfortably lying on the new living room chair.
·         I get blamed for everything that goes wrong around here.
·         Gerard always yells at me to get away if I try to read with him at the table.
(If you missed the video of me having fun before Karen left for work, I hope you will watch it:  Fun Before Work by Spunky Doodle)
I'm waiting for my breakfast!
Manny says my life is tough because:
·         I can’t go outside on the porch anymore.  My other house used to have a high porch that I could lay out on in the sun.  I miss that sometimes.
·         Sometimes I am tricked into going in the pet taxi and then find myself at the vet!
·         I hate being picked up and sometimes Karen gets it in her head to do that.  It really makes me mad!
·         When I go to bed next to Karen’s legs, she’ll sometimes move them and disturb my sleep or Gerard will pull at the covers and flip me off!
·         When I get all comfy lying on Karen watching TV with her on the couch, she gets up only to lie down again on the bed.  Why can’t we just sleep on the couch together all night?
(If you missed the video about how good I am, hope you will watch it:  My Good Boy, Manny )
Starting on a Walk . . . finally!
Abby says my life is ruff because:
·         I do a lot of waiting around for my humans—they are gone a lot and won’t let me outside without them at the end of my leash.
·         I do not have any other dogs to play with and the cats won’t let me play with them.  They run away if I try.
·         I am not allowed to curl up on the new living room chairs even though they are very comfy.
·         My humans wake me up at 4:30 a.m.!  How silly is that?
·         Karen put up cardboard around all the litter boxes so I can’t get my cat poop treats anymore.  See:  Litterbox Fences Solve Poop Problem
(Woof, Woof! I have a video too I hope you will watch:  Why Is Abby So Excited?)

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Good Cat, Manny Boy and Rescue Me Week

This being Shelter Appreciation week, I want to encourage you to get a cat (or two or even a dog), especially if you don't have any yet. We love our pets very much and are so happy we brought in each one--we've had three--each one different but all loveable and wonderful companions! This video stars Manny (although Spunky Doodle and me are in it some too). When Manny saw me do one of Spunky Doodle, he wanted one about him too. I can't blame him, he's such a good cat!

Over at Mayzie's Dog blog, to honor their Grampa J who loved pets, they are encouraging everyone to post a pet who needs a home on your blog and next week they will draw five participants and donate $100 to an animal rescue of their choice!

All these are at the Parma Animal Shelter on State Rd. in Parma, Ohio where we got our first cat, Moe, from:

Looks like a little Manny!

LEXI Domestic Short Haired Black/Grey Tabby Male Cat Arrived at the Shelter: 08-17-11 Date of Birth: 06-15-11

Meet Trigger!  He is a male Min-Pin/Beagle Mix who weighs 32 lbs.  His owner had to move away and could not take him.  He is 3 years old, and was born in August 2008.  Trigger is one happy boy!  He is neutered, and up to date on shots.  Trigger loves everyone and is a friendly dog.  He is good with other dogs, cats, and loves people.  He would make a great family pet! He would love a fenced in yard to run around and expend his playful energy.

A Spunky Doodle Look-alike!

GINNY Weasley-- Domestic Short Haired Black and White Female Cat Arrived at the Shelter: 07-15-11 Date of Birth: 05-27-11 Siblings: Ron Weasley

Here's the link to Mayzie's if you want to participate too: Big Announcement

Visit to find a homeless pet in your area that you could provide a good home for--that's how we found Abby!

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Fun Before Work by Spunky Doodle

I am a very brave kitty cat and love to try new things, unlike my humans who like their routine. I was just sitting on the rocking chair watching Karen at the computer before she went to work when I got a brilliant idea! I looked up and started thinking about jumping way up high to the top of the secretary. Karen looked over so I shared my thoughts with her. The rocking chair though moved too much. I knew I couldn't jump from it and shared my problem with Karen who switched chairs so I could do the jump. I got up my courage and went for it. I made it! It is a really good view up there but not much room and Karen asked me nicely not to knock ther stuff off the top so I didn't. When I jumped, the chair turned so the back was farther away. I made it without getting hurt, but the cassettes sure made a lot of racket when the chair hit the table they are on. Now, what will my next adventure be?

What about you? Have you had any adventures lately?

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Monday, November 7, 2011

I Am Such An Idiot!

Come again!
I was a nervous wreck a couple Fridays ago because I had to take off work for some follow-up tests:  a bone density, a bone scan and a CAT scan which would take all morning.  The doctor said if the insurance wouldn’t cover them, they we would skip them which makes me think they really aren’t necessary.  I was instructed not to eat anything after 6 a.m. since my tests were scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. I truly believe that both hospitals and veterinarians have such great technology now that they just like to use it any chance  they can, whether it's really necessary or not.  (What do you think about this?)

Gerard gets back from walking our dog between 5:30 and 6:00 usually and then I eat with him so in my mind I figure I can just keep my normal routine so didn’t give it anymore thought.  But they didn’t get back until after 6 a.m. that day and so I ate some yogurt before remembering I wasn’t supposed to eat after 6:00 a.m.  Oops, oh no!  The thought of going without breakfast does not sit well with me.  I like breakfast and am used to eating throughout the morning.

Abby and Karen
 After blowing up at myself for being such an idiot, yelling how stupid I am at the top of my lungs, I realized it was all Abby’s fault.   I realized that I shouldn’t let it ruin my day.  After all, getting upset won’t turn back the clock—what’s done is done.  Psalms 118:24 popped into my head which says:  This is the day which the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.  So, I chose to praise God and trust Him to help me through and started thinking where I wanted to go for a good lunch.  My mood quickly improved.

As it turned out, all I had to get was the bone density test because the insurance authorization hadn’t come through for the other two.  Guess those will get done another day.  I was out of that hospital within an hour and had my normal breakfast as soon as I got home.  The rest of the day was great and still enjoyed a good lunch at Cracker Barrel!

Don’t let circumstances steal your joy, rejoice in the Lord and have a good day!

What scripture has popped into your head recently?  Do you get mad at yourself when you forget things too or is it just me?  (Now I understand how my dad felt when he used to always forget things; not always, but often.)

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Snippets: Why Praise God?

Praising God somehow brings about an inner satisfaction.  Praise gets our focus on God and off ourselves which can greatly improve our mood. 
My soul is satisfied as with marrow and fatness, and my mouth offers praises with joyful lips. Psalm 63:5 (New American Standard Bible "NASB")
You can always praise God for His love because nothing can separate us from it.

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Rom. 8:38-39 (NASB)
You can always praise God for his help. 
For You have been my help, and in the shadow of Your wings I sing for joy.  Psalm 63:7 (NASB) and
so that we confidently say, "THE LORD IS MY HELPER, I WILL NOT BE AFRAID,  WHAT WILL MAN DO TO ME?" Hebrews 13:6 (NASB)
You can choose to always praise God like David did:   
I will praise You as long as I live, and in Your name I will lift up my hands. Psalm 63:4 (King James Version)

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see a good illustration of how this really works in my life.  


Source:  10/23/11 Sermon Notes, message by Pastor Dan Barfell.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

5 Things We Learned This Week (candy, animals, boxes, stores)

Kit Kats

Manny compares the sizes
Kit Kats is one of my many favorite candy bars which I chose to give out on Halloween to our few trick-or-treaters. I thought I was buying two bags of the small size with the two wafers but was surprised that one bag even had a mini size with only one wafer! It seems like candy just keeps getting smaller and smaller but more expensive! I used the mini-sized ones for the tiny tots and gave out several to the older kids when I ran out of the small size.

Meerkat Image from Widipedia


On the bookmark we got at the zoo it had this interesting fact: "The dark markings around meerkats' eyes act like built-in sunglasses. They reduce glare, helping them see far into the distance." Did you know that? I wonder if it's the same for raccoons.


Over at Red Pine Mountain I learned that there are special boxes for mailing birds! They are huge! Follow the link Don't You Love Mail to see it for yourself.

Thrift Nation

Parma Heights, Ohio, Pearl Rd.
I went into Thrift Nation, a second-hand store in Parma Heights, Ohio, for the first time this week and was surprised at how many nice things they had very cheap! I was even more surprised to find out that they give their profits to help support a Childrens home in El Salvador that is run by the store manager's sister. The store also partners with Love, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps families in need.

Shelter Appreciation

Mr. Moe
Do you know what next week is? According to my calendar, it is Animal Shelter Appreciation Week November 6-12. We got our first cat, Moe, from the Parma Animal Shelter when they had him at PetSmart. He was a great cat, 8 years old when we got him.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

12 Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t (writers workshop)

This week I modified Mama Kat's Writers Workshop prompt a bit.  It was to list 22 things we have done but as you can see, I’ve changed it to just 12 things I’ve done that I doubt you have ever done.
I'm in the back--King's Island
  1. I Rode an elephant (at King's Island).  (A Long Drive Out of My Comfort Zone)

  2. I Rode a camel (at the Cleveland zoo).

  3. I’ve taught grades 3-12 in Sunday School over the years and did some camp counseling at two different camp grounds (AWANA Scholarship camp and Beulah Beach) during some of my vacations..

  4. Our AWANA Grand Prix race with track that my dad built.
  5. I’ve held all of the following positions in AWANA clubs:  Commander, Director, Secretary and Leader and earned the Citation Award for completing all the books.  (Harry's Most Fun Project--The AWANA Grand Prix)

  6. I wrote and self-published two books:  My Funny Dad, Harry and Abby Finds a Good Home.

  7. I participated in a small group Bible study that met at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday mornings for four years (yes, I'm a morning person).

  8. During my teens, I was on a Bible Quiz team and as an adult I coached several teams.  We quizzed against other Christian and Missionary Alliance churches.

  9. I took a Creative Movement class at Malone College and learned to square dance.  It was fun!

  10. I wore a baseball cap and tennis shoes with my wedding dress (not at the wedding though).

  11. I got rid of our stove and now do not have one in our kitchen, just a microwave.  (Living With No Stove--A Good Decision)

  12. Reading at the zoo
  13. I’ve read 85 books so far this year and over 586 in my lifetime.  (Who keeps track of how many books they read?  Avid book loves on Shelfari, that's who.  It's a great website for book lovers!)

  14. I put my pizza in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator . . . not once, but twice! (Foolish Things:  Where Does the Pizza Go?)
So, am I right or have you done some of these too?  What have you done that I probably haven’t?

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tutoring a Fourth Grader

I volunteered to tutor this year through a partnership with a school at work. I take turns with another co-worker going every other week. I tutor a 4th grade girl named Sashay. It’s a small school and when we got there, there was some confusion as to who should go where. In the hallway right outside the office was a fish tank and some turtles!  I thought that was pretty neat. 

The fourth grade class is in the basement and the class was all at lunch with only the three students who were being tutored in the room with the teacher. I was relieved to see the room was fixed up nicely with bright lighting. It being in the basement, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

the basement
Sashay was having a hot dog, a few fat French fries, and a strawberry fruit cup for lunch. It didn’t look very good to me, except for the fruit cup which she didn’t even finish. We read a short essay about bats, did a vocabulary worksheet with prefixes, and some phonics papers. I was glad to see they are still teaching phonics in schools. This particular school I noticed also teaches cursive handwriting. I know some don’t. Sashay was a delight! She was friendly, cooperative, and seemed interested in her work. I look forward to going back again!

This reminded me of my old elementary school but at least I didn't have my class in the basement!   What a different atmosphere though from Parma Heights Christian Academy, although inside the classroom itself the desks were up-to-date, it was cheerful and a very nice room with computers.  Did you ever tutor?  What was your school like?

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Comment For Charity: St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

Thanks to all who contributed to our 149 comments during October. We will donate $75 to Samaritan's Purse to help the hungry in Africa.  It's also time to pack a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child!

For November, we will donate 50 cents per legitimate comment on all our blogs to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.  St. Jude's Children's Hospital is the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for treatment not covered by insurance. No child is ever denied treatment because of the family’s inability to pay.

We hope you will visit all our blogs and comment away!

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