Thursday, August 31, 2023

Dead or Alive?

sidewalk along State Rd.

On our early dog walk this morning, we came across a raccoon lying on the sidewalk!  I couldn't tell if it was dead or just sleeping.  He wasn't crushed and I didn't see any cuts or blood anywhere.  What do you think?  I hope he was just taking a snooze.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

My 2023 Fantasy Football Draft

Beginning in June, I started reading the Fantasy Football magazines to research the various players.  Then I enjoy doing mock drafts for different picks.  I get excited for draft day and then usually get disappointed because guys I want get picked before my turn comes around.  This year I had the first pick.  That sounds like a good thing; however, that means I have to wait really long, like 19 turns, before another pick comes back to me in our snake league.  Yes, I do get two picks in a row though, but that means I have to pick guys earlier than I planned if I want to make sure I get them.  

I just had a general draft strategy this year:  (1) make sure I got at least two elite players, including a quarterback; (2) If Kelce was gone by the second round, which he was, then wait till near the end to pick a tight end; (3) wait for the end to pick a kicker and defense; (4) pick at least one or two sleepers or young guys with upside; (5) avoid picking guys from the Browns division (except for Browns)--I don't want to cheer for guys that are playing against the Browns.  

So, draft time comes and I get my "A" mock draft lineup for pick 1 ready to follow:

Round 1, I take Justin Jefferson (the overall best player according to most experts)

Rounds 2 & 3 (two picks back to back), I had Josh Jacobs, but had second thoughts because of him being disgruntled so took Tony Pollard instead.  (already deviating from my A line up).  Round 3, since Mahomes and Josh Allen were already gone, I took Jalen Hurts for my elite QB.

Round 4 & 5, Keenan Allen was gone by the time it got back to me in Round 4, so I went with Cal Ridley here.  Round 5, Yea!  Got Amari Cooper, and I'm back on track!

Round 6 & 7, Yea again!  Got Cam Akers as planned.  Round 7, here's where it really goes off the rails.  Wanted James Connor, but he was gone so took a chance on Breece Hall who should be good a bit later in the season according to the fantasy shows.  He was already practicing and doctors say he should be fine.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Roxy!


8 Yrs. old - Celebrating her 4th Gotcha Day

We've had Roxy four years now and she is officially a senior dog at age 8.  It's been filled with ups and downs, but mostly she is a good dog and keeps us on our toes.  I think this is her favorite part of the day, after going on three or four walks during the day, she gets porch time with us and a Frosty Paw treat on warm days.  

Roxy thanked me for changing her vet appointment to a different day.  I just couldn't let it stand when I realized it was on her gotcha day which should be an all good, fun day for her.  Postponed it for two weeks.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

3 Odd Things We Saw On Our Walk

Every morning we walk our dog about an hour to 1 1/2 hours and see lots of wildlife and sometimes cats out and other dog walkers.  Today we saw something we never saw before--a deer/squirrel feeder attached to a tree on our street.  It had corn on the cob in it along with some nuts.  

Yesterday, there was a dead duck right on the sidewalk!  Sorry no picture, I haven't been taking a camera along but after seeing this, I decided to start bringing it.  On the same walk as the dead duck that made me feel sad, we also saw a dead possum in a street!  Sad for the possum too.  Possums are very helpful creatures who pretty much mind their own business and don't generally hurt people.  I much prefer seeing the live wildlife like deer that we often see in people's yards early morning.  I wish there was one eating at that feeder we saw today.  It would have made for a better picture.  

What was the last strange thing you saw?

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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Too Critical? Who, Me?

Source:  Google images
Now, if you are familiar with the 4 "Animals Personality Test (click the link to go take the test), I am a strong Beaver with a lot of lion in my personality.  This is a very short, easy, fun test to help couples understand each other better and learn to get along well.  My Beaver traits include:  organized, detailed, precise, do things by the book (the right way), checklists, logical, factual, inquisitive, deep feelings, can be critical, but also very hard on self).  The lion traits that apply to me are:  takes charge, determined, assertive, firm, competitive, enjoys challenges, purposeful, decision maker, leader, goal-driven, "Lets do it now." 

Within a couple months, I've been accused of being too critical.  I prefer to describe it as wanting things to be done right.  Recently, I played pickleball at John Glenn Park in Seven Hills where they recently added two pickleball courts.  Immediately, I thought "Wow, those courts are ugly and the kitchen is the same color as the rest of the court!"  The kitchen or non-volley zone 7 ft. from the net on both sides is always a different color than the rest of the court just so it's easy to tell if the ball lands in the kitchen or if someone is in the kitchen when they volley.  

The other thing that really bugged me was that the net

37.5" at the ends

was too high.  I could tell right away, and although 2 1/2 inches doesn't sound like a big deal, it's enough to prevent what should be a good shot from clearing the net.  Pickleball nets are supposed to be 36 inches high at the ends and 34 inches high in the middle.  Several days later, I went back to measure the height of the nets just to be sure they were too high and sure enough, I was right!    
36.5 inches at the middle

I mentioned this to the guy who got the group together to play at these new courts and he told my husband I was too critical.  I won't be going to play there again until they get them fixed.  

I will try to stay positive in spite of my Beaver personality traits!  

Go on, take the personality tool (test).  Let me know your results in the comments.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Favorite Book for July 2023

 Once again, I am still in a book drought.  I started a couple and gave up on them because they just weren't holding my interest and I had better things to do.  However, my husband read some he liked, but his favorite was The Quiet Tenant.  Here is his review of it:

In The Quiet Tennant by Clemence Michallon, Aidan is a hardworking family man but is not a very nice man, especially toward women.  The story is narrated by those closest to him, his daughter, his girlfriend, and the one victim he spared.  I thought this book was really good!  I was into it from the first few pages.  It had good character development and the ending will have you turning pages quickly!  (Gerard's review, 5++ stars)

I am currently reading it now and am still interested.  Hopefully I will actually finish this one.  I'm just up to the part where the guy moves his hostage into his home with his daughter.   

Visit our book blog to see what other books he liked.