Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Unbelievably Horrible!

Where did our Windians disappear to?  They started out this playoff series against the Yankees with two amazing games but pretty much have fallen apart when they went to play in New York.  I just can't believe it!  This is not the same team on the field, the Indians to not make 4 errors in one game and give away 6 unearned runs!!!  (I'd like to know when was the last time that happened.)

If I had to choose one word to sum up last night's game, it would be HORRIBLE!  What word would you choose?

The Indians were struggling all night long.  The only bright spots were the homeruns by Santana and Perez and the few base runners.  Although, I did think some of our bullpen did a great job.  What I don't understand though is why Francona only let them pitch to two or three guys and then took them out when they did so well.  He does that all the time with Tyler Olson.  I haven't seen him pitch poorly yet, but he never gets to stay in for any length of time.

I really hope the Indians can use this day off to recoup, relax, rest up and come ready to play at home and win the final game of this series.  They need to relax and play their game. The question is, can they do it in a must win situation.  They certainly did not do it in NY.

C'mon tribe, let's win on Wednesday! 

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