Friday, August 10, 2018

Enjoyed Watching the Browns First Pre-Season Game

This is the house of a Browns fan on our street.  I must say, I am looking forward to this season because of the new talent we have AND the fact that we have a solid quarterback!  It was actually enjoyable watching the Browns game Thursday night and seeing our draft pick, Baker Mayfield, do well for a change.

Of course, they still struggled with too many penalties and had no running game at all; but still managed to win against the Giants.  I know, it's only pre-season and the Giants didn't have their best guys in for the whole game, but it's better to win than lose those, right?

This is when Brown fans have high hopes so let me enjoy my optimism while I can.  Go Browns!  Win some games this season!!  (I'd like to see them win at least 5 or 6.)  Think that's expecting too much?

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