Monday, January 31, 2022

I Want This Spread, Mom!

We have a polar bear bedspread that my dad gave us for Christmas one year that we always use during the winter months.  Unfortunately, our Roxy has developed a habit of jumping on our bed several times a day and ripping it up.  I am not a sewer, but really like this bedspread so tried mending it.  I finally got all the tears sewed up and now see she just made another one!  UGH.  Apparently, she must figure if it gets too bad I'll let her have it for her bed.  I already gave her my old coat to make it softer and more comfy for her, but I think she wants this bedspread.

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Sunday, January 30, 2022

I Am Eating Veggies Again!

I like vegetables, but don't like many raw.  For years I avoided getting them because canned vegetables, although good, were so high in salt.  The canned peas in the picture have 300 mg of salt!  My new find, frozen Bird's Eye bags have zero salt!  That's right, none!  And, they taste very good!  I can put the whole bag in the microwave for 4.5 minutes for the corn and peas and 6 min. for the green beans.  Wait 1 minute, then easily tear open and dump them into a bowl.  Each bag has about four servings.  

I am so excited I found something healthy to eat that is easy to fix and that I like eating!  

Since I saw a doctor specializing in kidney disfunction and my health scan last November indicated I was pre-diabetic, I am trying to eat healthier and stay away from pastas, rice, salt and bakery.  I was eating these things every day so now I only have them maybe once a week or less.  I want to avoid Diabetes!  

Here is a list of other changes to my diet that I have made over the years:
When working:                                    Since retired:
had a donut every Friday . . . . . . . . . . Dec. of 2019, had only about 5 donuts
2 big slices of pizza 3 days a week . . . Individual Lean Cusine Spinach frozen pizza less than once a week
                                                                Added an apple every day (kidney advice)
                                                                Added blueberries on my cereal (kidney advice)
                                                                Added pineapple almost every day (kidney advice)
                                                                Cut out Calcium vitamin (kidney Dr.'s advice)
                                                                Cut down to 1 Vitamin D3 a day instead of 2 (kidney Dr.'s advice)
                                                                Cut down on chocolate 
                                                                Replaced protein bars with granola bars (diabetic nutritionist)
                                                                Eating mostly fish (salmon, cod, some tuna), chicken, turkey
                                        Usually only drink Joint Juice and water

Do you follow your doctor's advice?  I try!  

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