Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Fun Labor Day!

We are both on vacation this week and Labor Day was very fun! We played tennis early which is my best time of the day at the neighborhood courts. When we played there on Sunday, I won 6-4 and Gerard won 6-2! I was very thirsty, hot, and getting hungry so really couldn't focus and grew frustrated as I got more behind, which I'm not used to. I just wanted the games to go quick so if Gerard got ahead, I just enjoyed banging the ball and didn't care if it went out or not. Once it got stuck high in the chain link fence, I hit it so hard. It was actually pretty funny, but Gerard didn't want to win that way so we postponed the third set until the next day and ordered our pizza for lunch. Monday, when we played, I won 6-1.

After tennis, we went to Elmwood park and relaxed on the swing by Elmwood Pond in Independence, Ohio. We used to go here often before we were married. I took a book along and we enjoyed some time on the swing. The Ohio State shirt Gerard is wearing was found at the neighborhood tennis court when we were picking up all the litter left by the basketball players on Sunday. No one was there but us so he took it.

Next we moved on to play Boccie Ball. This is a fun, easy game that only takes two people or you can play with four or six and have teams. The idea is simply to roll a hard ball down the Boccie ball court and try to get your ball closer than your opponent to the little white target ball. The one farthest from the white ball goes first with the next throw. I beat Gerard at this too, but sometimes he will beat me. It was very fun because when he though he had a great position, I would still get my ball in and top it! (I had the blue balls, Gerard the red.)

We brought along our Ohio State checker game and a sheet to cover the table to play some checkers which Gerard is best at. This is the one game he can consistently win. He won the first game but I managed to win the second one. The tie-breaker he won so that was good he won something!

It was a very nice day and later I finally made it to the computer to do my Entrecard drops AND play some pogo too!


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