Monday, February 22, 2016

National Dog Walking Day

This is one of Abby's favorite days--National Dog Walking Day! Our do loves to go for walks in all kinds of weather and my husband is very good about picking up her poop. He always brings along an extra bag just in case because sometimes she poops more than once during her walk. What is very nasty though is when people do not pick up their dogs poop and leave it for others to step in, other animals to eat it or just being ugly to look at. It is especially inconsiderate to not clean it up when it's in someone's yard! You can go to to get a small free yard sign to remind your neighbors that they need to clean up after their dog, especially in your yard.  So be responsible and enjoy your dog walk and let others enjoy it too by picking up the poop.

Abby approves this message, Woof!  Woof!  By doing this, more people will enjoy dogs.
This way, dad.
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Grass Shoveling

 My husband reminds me of the energizer bunny--always going, always moving.  I love that he does all the housework, washes our car, takes care of the yard, walks the dog several times a day regardless of the weather and but today he added a new activity.  He actually shoveled the snow off our grass and into the street!

It was his idea to take the video of him doing this--he was very pleased with himself.  He said, "I'd rather see all grass than that clump of snow.  Does anyone else do this?  The temperature is close to 58 degrees so far so I'm pretty sure it would have melted on it's own, but he didn't want to wait.

Good job, hubby!  Once again you make me laugh.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

My Happy Valentine's Day

Of course Manny had to get in the picture too!
I had a very happy Valentine's Day this year.  To most people, it probably doesn't seem like much but I love simple things.  I love chocolate covered cherries and that's what my husband got for me.  It's not about spending a lot of money, it's about understanding what I like and part of that is not wasting money.  We stocked up on some goodies, the big chocolate chip cookie (he is a "cookie monster") and a blueberry cake that cost only $4.00 at Giant Eagle.  We got each other a Valentine card and that started our day.  I liked the one I got from my husband because it made me laugh and had a cat and dog on the front.  My husband was very pleased with his too because although it was small (and cheap--free is good), I made little hearts on the inside with a reason for each one why I love him.

Then we had a really fun Sunday School class based on Daniel 1 when Daniel and his friends were taken into captivity in Babylon and put into a 3-yr. training program to work in the palace for the king.  Their names were changed to Babylonian names and they obeyed God by making a bargain with the guard to get to eat water and vegetables instead of the wine and food from the King's table.  We told the kids what all their names meant and then gave them new names for the day along with the meaning of those names (used for this).  They enjoyed that (except for one girl who really didn't like her new name.)  Then for our review game, we let them choose between pick-up-stix and Bash.  To my surprise, the girls picked Bash and the boys chose pick up stix.   Of course we gave the kids some heart-shaped frosted brownies for a Valentine treat at the end. 

My husband asked if I'd like to go out to eat somewhere special but I like having pizza for my Sunday lunch and stuck with that.  To our surprise, our friend at our pizza place (Casamel's) gave us a box of blueberry cordials!  I didn't even know they existed but they are good too.  The cherry ones are still my favorite though.

In the afternoon we enjoyed watching the Republican debate together, a couple Hallmark movies (Everything Valentine and don't know the name of the other about attorney going to Wyoming), some Bruins hockey and reading.  Of course, we had extra time with our pets and Manny came and laid on me while I read GLASS SWORD by Victoria Aveyard and while I watched TV.  My husband finished Book 2 of the Harry Potter series, THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS by J. K. Rowling.

We had a wonderful, relaxing day together and just enjoyed each other's company with no stress.  I sure hope we have many more happy years together. 

I would say I am very low maintenance.  What about you?  

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