Monday, December 3, 2018

My Gingerbread House

I am not a baker or a cook; however, I enjoy watching the Food network's baking championship shows.  They inspired me to go ahead and purchase a pre-baked gingerbread house that just needs assembling and decorating.  It's so little, I think it should be called a cottage rather than a house.  The kit even includes some little punch-out cardboard accessories:  an elf, a very small Christmas tree and a snowman.  I had the strange idea that it might be fun to do, so gave it a try.

I got it together without any trouble and proceeded to decorate it with the icing and candy that was included in the kit while my husband took a little nap.  The roof went very well, but icing around the door and windows was very difficult because they were vertical.  The one side wall fell down once when I was putting some little candies on it but then I got it done.  I should have quit then, but decided to just squirt whatever icing I could still get out as snow around the house.  That's when my hand slipped and knocked into the house--down came that wall again so I had to change my plan and gather whatever icing I could for the sides of that wall to get it to stick back in.

That satisfied my little urge for a kitchen adventure.  I wouldn't use the word "fun" to describe it though.  Maybe challenging would be a more accurate description.   Have you tried making anything new this year in the kitchen?

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