Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kid's Baking Championship Was Fun To Watch!

Desserts from 2013 dessert auction at church
By accident, as in just flipping around channels when I was bored and looking for something to watch, I discovered The Kid's Baking Championship show on Food Network. Kids 9-12 competed in making all kinds of different desserts which then were judged by Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman who kept things fun.  I could watch this for hours! 

I was amazed at how much these kids knew about baking!  They did not use recipes and were challenged to be creative.  Some started baking at 2 yrs. old and some actually had their own business! They were judged on taste, creativity and presentation.  Some of the presentations were quite funny because some ran out of time and just had to pretty much throw it on the plate fast and not worry what it looked like.  It was heartwarming to watch these kids compete because they were willing to help each other even though the winner would get $25,000.  I felt sad though that there could only be one winner and it was all or nothing. 

Aidan won.  He nailed the finale with a beautifully decorated cake that apparently tasted good too and swirl ice cream to go with it.  Second place finisher, Justice, got nothing.  I really thought Justice would win because each week he was consistently in the top three and the judges raved about how good his cake was--Valerie even had a second piece!  The boys proved that baking isn't just for girls. 

I thought all the kids were fantastic!  Watching this show actually made me almost want to bake something which I might have done if I had an oven.  Check out their website (link above)--it has some great looking dessert recipes that are easy to make and you can see the videos of the kids who were in it.

Our annual spaghetti dinner/dessert auction youth fundraiser at church is coming up April 30 and I am looking forward to it!  I wonder if anyone will make any of the desserts from the show.

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