Friday, April 5, 2024

The Cookie Jar Burglar

(re-enacted later in the day)

Our cat, Bear, likes to walk around on our dining room table.  But  I was amazed when I got up this morning and saw the cookie jar open and a cookie lying on the table!  I knew it had to be Bear, but was surprised he actually was able to get the head off the cookie jar! 


I don't know if he actually ate any of the cookies.  I certainly hope not!  My first thought was to throw it away, but then I decided to just break off all the edges and go head and eat my oatmeal raisin cookie.  

I knew he often would hang out by the cookie jar but never pushed the head off during the day.  It's pretty heavy so I didn't think he could do it.  I think it must have been a bit ajar, at least I hope it was!

He has also learned to open the vertical blinds by pawing at the hanging cords on the side of the window.  Bear is one big smart cat!