Saturday, May 26, 2018

Cat vs. Dog: Which One Makes Life Better?

We got these shirts from the Humane Society. 

 We currently have a cat and a dog but my husband is closer with our dog and I am closer with our cat, thus the shirts.  Which do you prefer:  a cat or a dog?  Vote now!

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Monday, May 14, 2018

It's Been A While--Summary of What We've Been Up To

Wow, last time I posted anything here was January.  Well, I decided that other things are more important . . . and I've been playing video games on the AARP website trying to beat my high score and trying to make the leaderboard (which are addictive).  It has word games including crossword puzzles which I feel good that I can actually complete now.  It also has some brain games, matching games and strategy games, and more.  I have no idea how other people get such high scores though!

So, here's what I've been up to the last few months:
  •  Still teaching 5th and 6th graders in Sunday School and doing a class newsletter to keep parents informed.   
  •  We had a wellness visit to the vet for Abby, our dog (getting that pee sample was not easy, sorry no picture) and cat including Spunky's dental cleaning that I put off for three years--big bucks there but they are both doing fine.  Abby had some parasites to get cleared up but wasn't a big deal.
  •  I've been eating lots at work with the first Friday free breakfast feasts, secretary's day with a special luncheon catered by Mission BBQ that was really yummy, and cookies, bakery and candy that people bring in as treats.  No wonder I've gained 10 lbs that I do not want! 
  •  Our accountant forgot to actually file our return.  I called him after about 4 weeks waiting for our refund and then he finally filed it. 
  •  Our youth group at church had their annual dessert auction/spaghetti dinner fundraiser and this year I got the item I wanted most in the first round of bidding for $60.  It was pecan/chocolate chip bars that were absolutely delicious and pre-cut!  I also was high bidder at $45 (by accident) on a cute bowling assortment of candy, cookies and cake which was also really good.  (again with the extra pounds!)  The money raised goes to help pay for the teens going on mission trips.
  • Last Saturday I got a 4-drawer file cabinet for just $15 including delivery from the Parma Heights Christian Academy's annual garage sale!
  •  We just had our dead bush removed from the front yard and a couple small trees removed from the back yard.  We never planted these trees, but when the stuff falls in our yard off the neighbors tree, it apparently takes root and starts growing!  It's crazy.
  •  I participated in a free health screening at work which resulted in getting some gift cards:  Amazon, iHop and Walmart.  It's also good to know my numbers were pretty good.  Even though I've put on the extra 10 lbs., my BMI is still in normal range.  Still fighting to keep my blood pressure down.  It's higher than I'd like but then it's always fluctuating within minutes.  The nurse said it's really probably lower than what it showed since doing it during work does not make for a relaxed reading.
  •  We are still reading and posting reviews at Grab a Book From Our Stack blog.  I just finished the Clover Springs Mail Order Brides box set of 5 on my Kindle and loved them!  Rachel Wesson is the author and writes clean historical fiction western romance.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find her books at the library, but have went back to Amazon and loaded a whole bunch more to my Kindle.
    The sock says "A Good Day Starts With a Good Dog
  • For Mother's Day,  my sweet husband got me my favorite candy, chocolate covered cherries--both dark chocolate and light (yes more lbs. coming).  From my cat and dog, I got some special socks.

  •  Finally, I am bummed out.  For a week now, my left hip has been sore and I can't raise my leg high like I used to without pain.  Fortunately, it doesn't hurt all the time, just when I get in and out of the car, or if I'm laying down and get up, or a little when I walk.  Now the weather has finally turned good enough to play Pickleball and I have this nutty hip problem.  Advil helps, but only temporarily.  Boo.

    So, sorry this is so long, and probably boring.  Anyhow, I'm really going to try to get rid of my extra fat right after I finish those cherries!  What have you been up to?
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