Sunday, March 29, 2015

Breakfast Battle With Manny Boy

Manny's Late Supper Friday

My cats are making me crazy!  Manny has to have wet food for 14 days since he had two teeth pulled on Wednesday.  He is very stubborn and only used to dry food so it was a challenge finding some soft food he would eat.  After trying several different kinds, I found he would eat Pate so problem solved, right?  Wrong!  Yesterday, he ate pretty good but then threw up his lunch, what a mess!

This morning as you can see from this video, he was not cooperating.  To make matters worse, Spunky loves the wet food and it is difficult to keep her away.  I have to make sure Manny is in a room with the door closed when eating.

Just for fun, here is the list of kinds I tried this morning.  See if you can guess which one Manny finally finished 2 1/2 hours later:

Beyond chicken, beef, carrot recipe pate
Sheba chicken pate appetizer
Sheba mixed grill cuts
Sheba turkey pate
Sheba whitefish & tuna pate

If you guessed the Sheba chicken pate appetizer, you are right!  The same thing he ate yesterday for his bed time snack.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How I Spent My Day Off--Vet, Read, Shopped and TV

A Sleep Day for Manny Boy
We took Manny Boy to get his teeth cleaned today and sure enough, just as I suspected, he had to get two extracted.  So much for the $50 I saved on the dental cleaning this month.  Poor Manny.  I felt so bad for him not being able to eat anything after 6:00 p.m. last night or breakfast this morning.  He followed me all around wondering when I was going to give him breakfast.  I finished reading The Black Stallion Mystery while Manny kept coming on and off my lap. 

Finally, I gave Spunky her breakfast before it was time to get Manny loaded into the carrier.  I put an empty bowl in his usual breakfast spot on the table and then when he looked at it, picked him up quick before he knew what was happening and dumped him gently into the carrier.

Off we went to the vet with Abby too for her vaccine and blood work at 8 a.m.  I am happy to report that Abby is fine, everything came back normal for her.

Abby was allowed in this store so we brought her along too!
After the vet, we went to Penney's to use my gift card.  I got socks but couldn't find any knee highs.  I also looked for an 8x10 picture frame, but think I could find cheaper ones at Marc's or Walmart so used the rest of my gift card on Gerard's Puma Tennis shoes.  I didn't get the call about extracting Manny's two teeth until 11:30 a.m. when we got back from Penney's.  Now I'll have to go get some soft food for him. 

Back to Natural Pet Enrichment Center for more Pork Stew by Lotus Just Juicy and Weruva Meow Luau Mackerel/pumpkin.  The vet said to keep him on soft food for 14 days!  He should be given 3 cans a day, sure hope he likes it that much. That's a long time when he's used to getting only dry food.  I'll also get some Lotus Just Juicy Pollock Stew for Spunky Doodle--she really loved it last time.  The ladies at the store said I should rotate the flavors so they don't get accustomed to just one or grow tired of it.  They said they change it up for their cats and never give them the same kind two days in a row.

Gerard's new shoes, first time he got Puma!
When we got back from the pet store, I gave Spunky a can of the Pollock Stew and she gobbled it up.  Gerard went to put on his new shoes and found that plastic thing from the store still in them.  After waiting for about 10 minutes for a price check because they weren't in the system, the cashier forgot to remove it so back we went to Penney's.    

Teeth cleaning is over $500 for the pets and I always wonder if it is really necessary.  I know bad teeth can cause lots of other problems in cats, so I guess it is.  I want to have my cats live long lives and if I hadn't taken Manny for his teeth cleaning, he probably would have other problems besides getting two teeth pulled.

I also had time this afternoon to blog, play some brain games, watched some of the Dan Patrick sports show and Judging Amy, and spend some quality time with Abby and Spunky Doodle.  Finally 4:30 came and I went to get my Manny Boy.  He is in a grumpy mood and his leg was wrapped up but at least he had clean teeth and the bad ones were out.  He didn't want anything to do with me though--if I came in the room where he was, he'd take off.  Can't really blame him. 

Do you take your pets to get their teeth cleaned?  What kind of food do your cats like?

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Impressions of the New Heinen's Store in Downtown Cleveland

Heinen's on corner of Euclid and E. 9th Street, Cleveland, Ohio
Yes, this is the new Heinen's in downtown Cleveland.  I certainly doesn't look anything like a grocery store to me.  This is actually the old Cleveland Trust Bank building.   I heard so much hoopla about it that I decided to go exploring on my lunch hour and take some pictures to share my impressions of it on my blog and see what others think of it.  If you enlarge the picture, you can see it still says "Cleveland Trust Company" on the top.

It has pretty fancy doors for a supermarket, don't you think?  Only the one is used though.

Here is what you see when you first walk in--a food court:

The ceiling is SO that I couldn't even get it in the picture and still get the floor part too.  This is where most of the people are.  It was 1:30 when I went over so this is their lunch time crowd.  Around on the first floor are various places to buy food and eat there or take it out.  The sections are meat, fish, bakery, salad bar, fruit bar, prepared foods.  It's actually quite nice and there's an energy you feel as you go in.

Off to the left through an entranceway is the produce.  It's actually an adjoining building and you either walk along a ramp or down a few steps to get to this area where the groceries are.  They have lots of narrow aisles stocked with all kinds of food and also an aisle with greeting cards.

As you can see from these pictures, the floor is concrete with just a small patch of tile that looks like they forgot to remove.  It basically gave me the feeling of walking through a warehouse.  This is the widest aisle I saw.

Here is another section.  I people were few and far between in this area of the store.  I'm thinking at this point, "How are they going to stay in business with all this inventory and only the food court being filled with people?"

I continued walking, looking for something I might purchase and way in the back of the last aisle I found ice cream.  I could see me buying some of this in the summer to have at work.

Farther up that same aisle I found the milk I like.  They had it on sale today, 2 for $6, but normally it is $4.19 compared to Giant Eagle at $3 something.

The bakery section looked pretty good too, although much smaller than the one at Giant Eagle.  I only saw one shopping cart!  They have tote bags for sale at the door and I did see someone with a basket.

The Grocery Part of the Store (adjoining building from outside is between the two buses)
I didn't go upstairs, but that is where they have the alcoholic beverages.  Maybe I'll check out the second floor this week.

So what do you think?  Oh, the other problem is that there is no convenient parking right around the store.  It's for those who live and work downtown who walk.  I'll be curious to see how long they last.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

10 Friday Fragments: Things That Made Me Happy

Things To Look Forward To

1)  I am looking forward to baseball starting again--go tribe!  In the meantime March Madness will soon be here which is always fun to watch and I look forward to beating my husband with my bracket. The winner gets to choose where we go to eat--his choice he says would be Kenny Kings, my choice will probably be Cracker Barrel.

2)  So glad to see sunshine and warmer temperatures!  Snow, be gone! Bring on Spring! Did you notice I changed our header?

My Pets

Spunky on Computer Chair With Me
3)  Spunky Doodle hung out with me at the computer this week.  She hasn't really done that in awhile.  I always take time out to pet her when she does though.  Pets are wonderful!  They always make me smile. I've noticed that since Gerard is home all day, Abby comes and greets me at the door when I get home from work with her tail waving.

Taking Care of Business

4)  Glad our taxes are done and now we just wait for our refund which will go into savings to pay vet bills.  Manny Boy's dental is coming up and Abby's shots on the 25th.  Oh yeah, and need to get more Revolution for our pets too!  There goes our refund or just about.

Serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords

5)  I love hearing how much kids like our Sunday School class.  I teach 5th graders and the one boy who missed because his parents slept in was so bummed because he didn't get the paper with verses to read each day.  His mom sent me a message asking for them!  I have been encouraging them to try to read their Bible every day and jot down what scripture they read an if something stands out to them to share.  One girl has done this every day for 5 weeks!  Still some haven't yet started, but I am not giving up.  Daily Bible reading is important if you are a Christian who wants to stay close to God.  Do you read the Bible every day?

Time to Chill Out and Relax

6)  Discovered a new TV shows we both like:  "Secrets and Lies" and "Football Tykes."  Anyone else watch these?

Reading Good Books

7)  Gerard and I read "American Sniper" and liked the book.  Maybe we'll go see the movie sometime.  Have you seen the movie?  Our favorite read for February was The Honest Truth by new children's author, Dan Gemeinhart.  It's about a boy who has Cancer and runs away to climb Mount Ranier to keep a promise he made to his grandfather when he died.  Only his best friend figured out where he was but struggles with if she should tell or not. I even learned how to write haiku poems from reading this book!

8)  Glad we got our car clock set--who knew we had to have the radio on to do it!  It was bugging me that I couldn't get it reset.

Finding Fun Things

9)  Found this St. Patrick's Day treat over at Divine Lifestyle:  Mint Oreo Cookies! I found this blog when I visited it after seeing the google anayltics on My Funny Dad, Harry blog showing she visited me.

Inspiration from New Memories

10)  I am so excited to be posting again on MY FUNNY DAD, HARRY blog.  I am trying to post two or three times a week there and would love for you to visit and subscribe.  I am also pleased that there's been some renewed interest in my book.  Thanks to all who have read it and written good reviews for it.  If you are on Goodreads, I'd appreciate it if you would add it to your shelf and perhaps recommend it.

Finally got some Friday Fragments for Mrs. 4444 the host at Half-Past Kissin' Time.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Manual Didn't Mention This!

It was time to set our clocks ahead last Sunday and we did, all except the one in our car because it wouldn't work!  We just got our Ford Escape last May so this was the first we had to deal with it.  I am the person who follows directions so I naturally read my car manual when I bought the car.  When it came time to reset the clock, I looked up in the manual how to do it and it sounded really easy.  This is what it said:
Press "clock" button, "reset time" will show on the display.  Use the radio buttons 0-9 to set the time, then hit "OK."  
So, that sounds simple enough.  I looked for the buttons and found them all, hit the "clock" button and nothing happened.  I tried holding it in . . . nothing happened.  I hit it again, harder . . . nothing happened.  I gave up and asked my husband if he would take it somewhere and ask them to fix it.

He took it to the KIA dealer where we bought the car and the girl there reset it very easily.  She turned the radio on first though and then it worked.  That should have been right at the beginning of those instructions!  I should have known that since it used the radio buttons that it was connected to the radio so it would make sense to turn it on.  It just didn't occur to me.  I'll be writing "turn on radio" in the manual just in case we forget next time.

Did you remember to set all your clocks ahead?   Hope you didn't have trouble with any of your clocks like I did!

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