Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Very Grumpy Puss by Manny

Last Friday I knew something was up when our mom fed the dog but not us cats.  She was being very strange but still pet me, she just would feed me.  I was extremely hungry too because the day before I got a very early supper at 4:30 which, by the way, my dad gave me.  He NEVER feeds us cats, it's always mom.

All aboard the Pet Taxi!
Finally, about 8:00 a.m. she finally put just 3 pieces of food in my bowl and put inside the cage (I normally eat at 4:30).  She had been putting my food in there every day this week instead of my usual place on the table in the den.  I was starving so of course I walked right in for it only this time, she closed the door behind me and I was trapped!  This made me very agitated and I knew right away it was going to be a horrible vet day.

My good hiding place
Sure enough, I was transported to the vet to have my few teeth cleaned and they poked me, drugged me so I slept and wouldn't feel what they were doing, took x-rays and kept me there all day until 4:00 p.m. when my mom finally came back for me.  I was so upset, immediately went up to the den to hide under the desk and pout. Mom found me after about an hour though so then I went down to a dark corner of the basement to hide and it took a long time for her to find me there.  When she did, I gave her a big hiss and she left me alone.

I ignored her all evening but finally pounced on her early the next morning to wake her up.  I still ignored her though all morning, even though I did come out of hiding,

Got Certificate of Bravery and TREATS that I didn't check out until the next day.
By afternoon, I was back to being my normal Mr. Nice Nice, especially when I saw what she bought for us with the money and gift cards she got for Secretary's Day:

Yea, a second cat tree for us!
I tried out the top level too once Spunky got off.
 Joining in with Cats on Tuesday.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Mischief: Abby's Fun Adventure

This is Snow Road Park  where I ran.
Hearing about the lost doggie in our neighborhood saddened me very much, but also reminded me of a very fun adventure I had on August 8 of 2009, shortly after moving in with Karen and Gerard  which I thought I would tell you all about today for Monday Mischief.

Saturdays are always good for me.  I was up early with Gerard and went on two walks in the neighborhood even before Karen had breakfast!  Then, we all went to the Metropark nearby.  I recognized the trees along the park road and got very excited!  At first, things started out a bit slow because Karen kept making me wait so I would not pull on the leash, but then I got the hang of it and since I was doing so well, we crossed the main road and continued on the next section.  Now here comes the best part of all!

We went over to a bench to take a little rest and everything was very nice.  Karen was holding the leash, but all of a sudden, like magic, it just came off so off I went!  Can you really blame me?  After all, I never get to run free in the city and the park was so big and beautiful, so much to explore!  I ran and ran and ran down the road and out into the wide open grass.  It was so much fun!!!!

I heard Karen and Gerard calling me to come, but I was having way too much fun and they sounded kind of upset too.  I took off around the bend and had ran free like a wolf!  After a little while, I turned around and headed back to a nice guy who was working on the shelter.  I stayed with him until Karen and Gerard caught up to me.  Then I stayed with Gerard while Karen went back to get the car because they did not trust my leash anymore.

Before my training class at PetSmart, the trainer helped us pick out a brand new red collar and a new red leash that is thicker than my old one.  In our class that day, we worked on the "come" command.  I did really good in class with it!  I even won the challenge against Odot because I came and sat before she did.  I love competition and getting those treats!  Killer and Chewy were both friendlier to me.  We got to walk a lot and I ate some of Killer's treats that were just laying on the stool.  I am a treat thief--ha ha!  Everyone thought it was funny except Killer who was a very small scared dog with lots of issues.  I was not afraid of him at all.

This was the biggest mischief day I ever had in my life and will never forget how much fun it was!   

(This story is on page 32 of the book Karen helped me write using Blurb as a surprise for my dad on Father's DayAbby Finds A Good Home!  From Death Row to Adoption.

Joining up with Monday Mischief.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Sharing: A Life Transformed

This week for my scripture highlight, I chose Acts 9:22-23 which says:
(22) Saul preached with such power that the completely confused the Jewish People in Damascus, as he tried to show them that Jesus is the Messiah. (33) Later some of them made plans to kill Saul.
Saul is a great example of a transformed life after a personal encounter with Jesus.  He was a well educated Jew on his way to Damascus to persecute the Christians who went there after fleeing Jerusalem because of all the persecution.  In his mind, he was doing what God wanted.  But then, on the way Jesus spoke to him from above and he was blind for three days.  God prepared another believer, Ananias, to restore his sight and Saul's sight was restored, he received the Holy Ghost and was baptized.  His life changed 180 degrees as my chosen verses of the week show.  I find it absolutely amazing and also encouraging that Jesus can make such a huge difference in one's life. 

Not only did he become a Christian, but he also preached about Jesus being the Messiah everywhere he went and wrote letters to the believers at the cities he visited which became New Testament books!  Even his name was changed to Paul. In fact, he wrote the following to the Corinthians:

Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:  old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new. (I Corinthians 5:17 KJV).
When I repented of my sin and trusted Jesus as my Savior at age 7 or 8, I did not have a terrible past with a lot of major sin, but I was guilty just the same and needed a Savior so my sins could be forgiven.  I asked Jesus to be my Savior and forgive me which he did according to His word.  Ever since, my thinking was changed and I sought to please God and live in obedience to His word as I yield my will to His.  I am very happy to have come to know Jesus as my Savior at an early age and consequently, He has kept me from lots of problems and heartache that are pretty common for many people.

Feel free to share in the comments about a scripture highlight you came across this week or share your thoughts about this post.  If you are a "new creature" I'd love to hear about when that happened in your life.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Spaghetti Dinner and Dessert Auction--What Fun!

There were so many great looking desserts!
I went to the spaghetti dinner/dessert auction at church last Sunday determined to bid this year but didn't want to go over $50. It was a fun time and the youth raised a lot of money for their mission trip to Haiti and camp for this summer. I love seeing the boys I taught when they were in fifth grade continue to be actively involved in the youth group. There were over 50 desserts auctioned and when bids reached $100, all the servers did a cute little dance. If someone bid $200, they got to smash a cream pie in the face of a Pastor of their choice who were all good sports.

Oreo cake
The Oreo cake was the first item I bid on but it went for $60 to a kid one table over from me.

Four of the teens were auctioned off: two for yard work, one for housework and one for child care for four hours each.  David and John (the two for yard work) were the first item to get a $200 bid, but the lady who bid said she didn’t want to throw the pie so she let John do it. He chose to throw it at his dad, our main Pastor.

Kraig, the worship Pastor got chosen twice, and the Pastor of Youth and Pastor of Outreach all got included too. Pam, the children’s minister almost escaped until she and her mother got into a bidding contest for the candy cake baked by Kylie (her niece and fellow puppeteer) which finally went to Pam’s mother for $300! That was the highest bid of the day! (I bid on her cake too, but wasn't about to go anywhere near that high.)

Servers Mallory and Kylie (baker of the candy cake that went for $300)

The spaghetti was good too. The teens were the servers and the Family Life Center was full with a good crowd of people all willing to support the youth. It was a fun afternoon and my server, Mallory (a fellow puppeteer), was kind enough to keep bringing me brownies for dessert—I had four! I was excited to bid this year and got the item I most wanted for just $45: a strawberry chiffon pie! It was a fun few hours from noon to 3:00, an hour later than anticipated!

Lots of people went home happy with delicious desserts.  This lady who was at my table bought the cupcake bouquet--actually, her husband bid on it.  Another couple at my table bought the coconut cookies and a cake.

Here is a video showing some highlights of the event and all the desserts, including the dessert I bought:

P.S.  I tried to take notes and record all the bids but sometimes it was hard to tell which cherry pie it actually was although the bunt cake in the box sold for $30, there was another chocolate peanut butter bunt cake with a container that went for $200.  Since I didn't have a good picture of that one, in the video I used the bunt cake in the box for the $200 bid.

This is a great fund-raiser and I am already looking forward to bidding again next year!  How much would you bid for a cake or cookies?  Here's a link to Parma Heights Baptist Church where you can see upcoming events and learn more about it.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

5 Friday Fragments (Fun, Pets, Money, Gifts, Stress)

Friday Fragments is hosted my Half-Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post. Here we go:

Dessert Auction

Went to our spaghetti dinner/dessert auction at church last Sunday which is to raise money for the mission trip to Haiti this summer and camp for our youth. Had a fun time but still working on my post about it. (It will be up tomorrow.) I bought a strawberry chiffon pie for $45! It was turning soupy though by the time I got it home and tried it. Finally put it in the freezer so now it's a frozen dessert; very good though! (That was one of the lower buys.)

Dental Cleaning

cat nip got him in before, but I'm out of fresh
This morning is stressful--Manny's dental cleaning is today which means (1) early supper yesterday (couldn't have anything after 6 p.m. so supper was at 4:30; (2) no breakfast for Manny this morning so I'm making Spunky wait until later for hers when it's time to get Manny in the carrier; (3) getting Manny in the carrier is always stressful; (4) poor Manny will spend the majority of his day at the vets; (5) and I have to pay hundreds of dollars for this wonderful experience--UGH!

Updated at 4:45 pm:  Manny came through fine.  Walked right into the carrier all on his own this morning, he was so hungry and thought I put his breakfast in there like I have been doing all week to get him primed.

Abby's Treats

I misplaced Abby's small treat bag. I'll have to recheck my pockets in my pants and coats. I think it's in my brown jacket from when I went on a walk with her on Sunday--I hope! I've been giving her some bigger bacon treats for at home. Yesterday she found my bus pass lying on our grass which earned her a treat! It must have fallen out of my pocket when I took out my keys and didn't notice.

Updated at 4:45 pm:  Found the treats in my frown jacket.

Secretary's Day

Wednesday was "Administrative Assistant Professionals Day" and our firm goes all out even starting weeks ahead! They gave us a delicious, huge breakfast one day, had gift drawings, and gave the staff $25 gift cards. Then, two of my attorneys who I work for directly came through with cash and two Petco gift cards! I think I see an additional cat tree in our future!

Duct Tape Disappoints

My trust #1 tool, duck  duct tape has never let me down until now. We have a kitchen towel rack that keeps falling down so I tried using the duck duct tape to hold it, but it still keeps falling. My van mirror fell off while driving a while back (some of you may remember I mentioned that), well the duck  duct tape works for several days, but then it gives way and I find the mirror hanging again. I'm taking it to a car repair place nearby today and hope they can fix it right. Days off are nice, but it seems every time I'm off, lots of money is spent! 

Updated at 4:45 pm:  Thanks, Sandee.  I did mean "duct" tape.  I saw it spelled as "duck" tape somewhere and thought I had it wrong, but apparently I had it right after all.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Makes a Great Night? (Writer's Workshop)

I am talking about sleep here, not a night out. Some may think a great night is when we sleep soundly all through without waking up and have pleasant dreams. For me, that's very good, but not great.

Last night I had a great night's sleep! Yes, I slept well, dreamed of playing softball which I always enjoyed doing and felt some whiskers against my face. My cat, Spunky Doodle, came by to visit me.   She kneeds the pillow and walks around a bit.

I love when she comes to visit me during the night!  Lately, she has been coming on the bed and lying next to me, letting me pet her real nice for the whole night!. Her fur is so soft and she just lays there still, letting me pet her. She settles in against me and I doze off with my hand on her. She used to stay about an hour, but lately she's been staying the whole night! I don't mind it at all. She doesn't come every night, at least I don't wake up every night, but when she does, it really makes me happy!   Manny has been coming every night too, sleeping either on my legs, between my legs or next to my legs.  Sometimes I get trapped and can't move without disturbing them, but fortunately, this is rare.
Sometimes she'll even sit up and pet me too!

Pleasant Dreams!
This is one of my favorite things!

Joining Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop:  Write a post inspired by the word "night."

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Missing Dog--How Sad!

These fliers are up all over our neighborhood and have been for a couple weeks now.  I still see new ones popping up in businesses so am pretty sure this family is still missing their dog.  I feel so sad for them because I can imagine how distraught we would be if we ever lost Abby.  I pray that this dog finds its way home and is okay.  I think the family did a fantastic job on these fliers too--this is the best one I've ever seen and they are everywhere!

It looks like it does have a tag around its neck.  On the flier, they ask that we post it on Facebook, so I figure that's the least I could do.  I am pretty confident that if Abby ever did get loose, she would head for her friends at our vet, Bartels & Busack, but we also got her a microchip too after the day at the park when her leash broke and she ran and ran and paid no attention to our calls for her to come.  That was a scary day (see What a Scary Morning--Almost Lost Abby)!

Gerard and Abby have been on the lookout for this dog but haven't seen it yet.  I hope someone finds it and returns it to its owners soon!

Does your dog have tags and a microchip?  Do you think this dog will get back home?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Connect With Bears, What About You?

Here is a fun little quiz from blogthings that I couldn't resist. We both connect with the bear:

You Are a Bear

Like a bear, you are strong and confident. You don't second guess or doubt yourself. (G-true; K-true)

You are tough in the face of adversity. If anything, having a challenge sharpens your mind and senses. (G-true; K-true)

You are born to lead, and you have no trouble taking action when the time is right. You are very proactive. (G-?; K-?)

You are rough when you need to be, but you are rarely hard on those in your life. You are a caretaker. (G-true; (K-true)

You know a lot about healing and emphasize its importance. You know how to heal yourself and others. (G-?; K-?)

You take a lot of time for quiet, solitude, and rest. You don't exert yourself unless it's necessary. (G-false; K-true)

Find out what your spirit animal is and leave your description in the comments. Let's see how many different ones we can get!
What's Your Spirit Animal?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Aww Monday: Spunky Hiding

Ha, ha, you can't get me now!
Joined up with Aww Monday hop.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Sharing: Job, The Perfect Example

Last week I was reading in Acts and Job so have chosen a highlight from Job 31 to share with you. If you are unfamiliar, with Job, he was a well respected, wealthy upright man in the Old Testament who suffered greatly because God gave Satan permission to test his faith. His friends all told him he was sick and suffered so much loss because he sinned and needed to repent. Job knew this was not the case and answered them with these words:

God sees my ways and He counts every step I take. I have not been a dishonest person. I have not lied to others. Let God weigh me on honest scales. Then He will know I have done nothing wrong. Job 31:4-6 (ICB)
Then Job proceeds to list all the good things he has done.  He did not let his friends make him doubt.  He was confident that his deeds were pleasing to God.

We all know that bad things do happen to good people and Job is a good example of this. Job did not worship God because of all the good things God gave him like Satan accused him of doing. He worshiped God because He is the almighty God, creator of the universe and everything in it! His ways are so much higher than our ways and His love and compassion so much deeper! He is alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end! He lived a righteous life, even when he lost everything and was physically sick. Job questioned God but did not blame God.

I ask myself, am I living a life like Job: doing those things that God wants no matter what my circumstances? 

Share in comments a highlight from scripture you came across this week or feel free to share your thoughts about this post.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

6 Things We Learned This Week (animals, contests, Boston Bruins, blogging, funny)

Friday Fragments is hosted my Half-Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post. Here we go:

New Website

Mr. Wonderful discovered a website where you can follow authors and it lets you know when they have a new book out. It's authortracker.com. I tried registering several but soon found that all authors are not included.

My Funny Dad, Harry

I decided to re-post some of my old posts on My Funny Dad, Harry blog because I started it back in 2007 and figure there have been lots of new bloggers since then who haven't seen them. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the share buttons added over there like I have here and on our book blog.

Dog Wants Kitty

This is the funniest video I saw this week and hope you will check out adoptable kittens at a shelter near you if you could give a couple a good home. This is kitten season and shelters get an abundance of kittens in the spring. (Our Spunky Doodle was born in the spring.) Kittens are very entertaining, amusing and grow into nice cats that become great companions! It's nice to get two so they can play with each other.

Favorite Vet Contest

I first heard about this America's Favorite Veterinarian Contest over at The Conscious Cat where you can read all about it. The deadline is June 1 and I intend to enter Dr. Hart (saved our first cat, Moe) and Dr. Busack (saved our sweet dog, Abby).

Blogging Surprise

I happened to look at our blogging stats this week and was surprised we actually had readers overseas so added the translate button widget. I think this is because of the different blog hops I participate in.

Bruins Pregame

The Bruins pregame show is something to see at their first game after the Boston Marathon bombings. The Fans actually sang the National Anthem!  Boston Strong!

One more:


I just noticed my Google Connect Followers widget is empty! It saws I have no followers! Did y'all quit following me all at once??? I still see it on other blogs. Oh, never mind, now they showed up again. Wonder what's going on!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not Excited About Our New Trash Cans

Parma, Ohio changed waste pickup companies to Republic Services to do more recycling and now we have to all use two big heavy clunky trash cans.  At least they have wheels.

We already had six and now these makes eight! It was much easier to just throw all our garbage in those black plastic garbage bags because then we didn't have to drag them back or worry about them rolling around in the street on windy days.

The blue cart is for garbage and the green cart is for stuff that can be recycled: paper, cardboard, aluminum or steel rinsed food and beverage cans, glass food and beverage containers, plastic detergent and soap containers. For yard waste, we can still use our old cans or brown yard waste bags not to exceed 40 lbs.

I get home from work and still see all the cans lined up on our street without being emptied.  Great start with the new garbage service!  Turns out they went on strike!!!  

I'm glad Mr. Wonderful takes care of the trash so this doesn't really affect me, just an added task for him on garbage days.  We will continue to give our recycling stuff to Parma Heights Christian Academy so it's just one can he has to fuss with.  

Life just keeps getting more and more complicated it seems.  Does your city make you use special cans and sort the recycle stuff?

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Getting Along

Abby and Manny Relaxing on the Couch Together--Why can't people all get along?
 Find more Wordless Wednesday  and blogpaws Wordless Blog Hop posts or link up your own.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a Crazy Outfit!

Relaxing After Busy Work Day Yesterday in My "Chocolate Makes Me Smile" Nightshirt
Mr. Wonderful took this picture and told me to post it.  He thought this outfit was hilarious and wanted to see what our readers think of it.  (I think it's okay until I get to the furry slippers.)  It's all wrinkly because it was buried in the bottom of my drawer.  Hopefully I won't get a "come as you are" party invitation tonight.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Woof! Woof! The Cats Win Again! by Abby

My mom went to the new design for her YouTube channel so had to create a header.  This is the one of me that I really liked:

As you can see, I am right in the middle and when this was loaded on YouTube, both Spunky and Manny were cut off (I admit it, so was the title).

But I was smiling big and all cute like taking up practically the whole thing!  But unfortunately, mom re-did it and chose to use this one instead:

Yup, see the cats are now in the middle and only part of my head shows when loaded on YouTube.  Okay, the title shows too on this one, but don't you all like the first one better with me in the middle?

If you watch it on your TV, then you get the whole picture, but on YouTube and mobile devices, only the middle part shows.  Does anyone watch YouTube videos on their TV?  We don't.

At least I have my own playlist with all my videos so if you are looking for videos of me, you can quickly find them!  Woof!  Woof!

Manny:  Enough already, everyone knows CATS RULE! 
Spunky:  We have a playlist for us cats too, with 47 videos.  How many do you have, Abby?

Abby:  26, but there are two of you and only one of me!  WOOF!  (I always get the last word, hee, hee.)

Join in Monday Mischief and AWW Mondays with us.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sharing: Lie, Lie, Now you Die!

This week I was reading Acts 4 and 5 mostly and although I once again had a difficult time choosing just one highlight, I decided to go with the true account of Ananias and Saphira  because I made this video in one of my Sunday School classes with the boys using puppets to retell the story.  To my great surprise, it is my most popular video on YouTube!

People tend to think that lying is no big deal, yet no one wants to be lied to.  God still hates lying because he hates all sin.  As the early church was getting started in the Acts4:34-35, it says:
(34) Neither was there any among them that lacked:  for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold, (35) and laid them down at the apostles' feet:  and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.
But Ananias and Saphira sold a possession but brought only part to the apostles, saying it was the whole price.  Peter somehow knew they were lying and said in Acts 5:3-4:
(3) But Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost, and to keep back part of the price of the land?  (4) Whiles it remained, was it not thine own?  and after it was sold, was it not in thine own power?  why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart?  thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God.
Three hours later, his wife, Saphira, came and backed up her husband.  Acts 5:8-10 says:
(8) And Peter answered unto her, Tell me whether ye sold the land for so much?  And she said, Yea, for so much.  (9) Then Peter said unto her, How is it that ye have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord?  behold, the feet of them which have buried thy husband are at the door, and shall carry thee out.  (10) Then fell she down straightway at his feet, and yielded up the ghost:  and the young men came in, and found her dead, and, carrying her forth buried her by her husband.
 Isn't it interesting, that Peter lied about knowing Jesus right before his crucifixion and here he confronts Ananias and Saphira about lying?  Peter was forgiven, Ananias and Saphira were struck down dead.  Peter said they lied to the Holy Spirit and not to men, but unto God.  The fact that Saphira stood by her husband and backed him up did not excuse her.  A good wife should help her husband do what is right in the eyes of the Lord.  Who knows, perhaps it was her idea.  The scripture doesn't really say whether Saphira talked Ananias into do this or not but it is obvious, both knew it wasn't the whole price of the land.

Integrity is such an important trait for believers to have if we want to make an impact on our culture.  Just last week, Pastor Thompson said, "We have no message if we have no integrity."   Perhaps this is why the Lord made it clear his followers should not lie by striking down Ananias and Saphira as the church was just beginning. 

Feel free to share your thoughts about this in the comments or a scripture highlight you heard or read last week.

Other highlights from last week: 

Acts 4:23-31 The apostles threatened to stop preaching but prayed for bravery to speak God's message
Acts 5:17-42 The apostles jailed for preaching Jesus and freed by an angel

(Scripture verses are from King James Version this week.)
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Friday, April 12, 2013

6 Things We Learned This Week (news, work, YouTube, books)

Friday Fragments is hosted my Half-Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post. Here we go:

Stuffed Animals

Our gang of most of our stuffed animals with two real ones--can you find them (Manny and Spunky)
We have a lot, but not near as many as the town of Newton got: 64,000! Sent them to St. Jude and other children Hospitals.  I'm thinking, I could share our collection and highlight one a week like Beth Ann does with her teapots on Tuesdays over at It's Just Life.  What do you think?  Do you have a collection you could share?

Shocking News

Mr. Wonderful was shocked when I had no idea who Annette Funichello was that he mentioned who died because I never watched "The Mickey Mouse Club." I am familiar with the funny hats with the ears and remember some of the song, but I was a Captain Kangaroo and Captain Penny fan. I actually found the old song on YouTube--cracked me up!  I was surprised when Mr. Wonderful told me he was in the club and was pretty sure he had a pair of those ears! Did you watch the Mickey Mouse Club?


I finally discovered our scanner at work can scan 2-sided copies automatically. Yeah! I've been doing those one side at a time manually (it doesn't come up that often).

Post Office

The latest is now that the post office will continue Saturday delivery. Wonder how the postal workers feel about this. I bet they were hoping to get Saturdays off!


My husband just finished reading Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline ( a novel) and learned that orphans used to be put on trains and went from town to town hoping to find a home. I learned about this when I read Orphan Train Rider--One Boy's True Story by Andrea Warren.  (Both book images from Amazon.com)

YouTube Header

I finally got my picture header for my YouTube channel right (although Abby isn't very happy with it). You can find it easily by clicking on the "Video" tab above or searching for kzemek on YouTube.

(There's still time to get HER by Christa Parravani--check out our giveaway.)

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Barking and Meowing With The Zemeks (Vlog--Introduction to Youtube Channel)

I am joining in with Mama Kat's Vlog prompt to introduce my YouTube channel.

This was very hard for me to do and took me a long time, but I finally got it done even though I'm not real happy with it. Do you have a YouTube channel?  If so, why not join in the Business2Blogger Just Push Record challenge with me in the hopes of increasing your subscribers. Please visit mine and consider subscribing to it; c'mon, everyone needs more junk in our inbox, don't we?. 

"How many subscribers do I currently have?, you ask.  Glad you asked that question, the answer is 28.   Just click the tab above that says "Our Videos" and it will take to our channel where you can subscribe (youtube/user/kzemek). 

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Whose Favorite Read for March Is It?

Can you guess which of these is whose favorite read during March? I bet you can because I think these will be easy to tell.

Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner

The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen

Purry Logic by Jane Seabrook

 Here's the Answers (Click the link to read our reviews).  Share your favorite read during March in a comment and let us know if you guessed right on these.

Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner - Gerard's favorite

The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen - Karen's favorite

Purry Logic - Spunky Doodle and Manny Boy

(Check out our giveaway for Her by Christa Paravani, a memoir about twins.)

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