Friday, April 23, 2021

I'm On Steroids and Feeling Better! by Spunky Doodle


Since mom started squirting some pink syrup (Prednisolone) into my mouth twice a day, I've gotten my appetite back, become more active (even going upstairs) feeling much better and eating without throwing up!  At first I didn't know what was coming when mom squirted the pink syrup into my mouth.  She caught me by surprise and I was off guard, but now I don't much like it and try to escape.  Since the time I shook my head and it got all over my furs, she has been putting a small towel around my throat so I don't get any of the sticky syrup on my furs any more.  I try spitting it out, but she's on to me and keeps my head tipped back longer making sure I swallow it.  

Mom says I have to put up with it because it helps me to not throw up.  She did give me some good news though.  After Sunday, I only have to get it once a day and then, after two more weeks, just once every other day.  That won't be so bad.  I think it's worth it not to have an upset stomach, right?

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