Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Big Change For Me in January

The place where I work just moved to a different building and it is so much fun!  Everything is so different, going from dark narrow hallways to wide bright hallways, floors with different floor plans and lots of extra hallways cutting up the floors.  I have lots more desktop space than before and the best part of all is that the computer desk part can be elevated so I can comfortable stand while working on the computer!  I LOVE THAT!

the lobby downstairs
lunch room
The lunch room area is not all that big, but it is brighter with the ceiling to floor windows and some comfortable chairs well placed where I took my afternoon break to read the first day.  Also, in the downstairs lobby area, are two seating areas where I can sit to read at lunch on cold days as well as a
Starbucks and little store with newspapers and snacks. 

The first day everyone was roaming around checking out the new place, trying to find things of importance to them like the common area files, the restrooms (which, by the way are pretty well hidden), and copy rooms and the big main areas of interest such as the record center, accounting, docket, and the copy center.
attorney office
With the open look with glass on the attorney offices instead of actual walls, it sort of reminds me of a zoo with all the different animal exhibits, but the plan is to get the glass frosted at some point which will probably fix that feeling of being on exhibit for everyone to see.  I also noticed it much nosier than the old place because with it all open, the voices carry.

We all got a map of all the floors, a welcome mug and cup and a $10 gift certificate for the cafe.  That was a nice surprise.

The walk to and from my new bus stop is even a bit shorter than before!

I'll be taking more pictures today.  It was all pretty overwhelming the first day there but I really like the reception area and conference room areas.  The moving crew did an amazing job getting everything moved in and organized well.  There are still some things still on the way, but it should all be done by the end of the week. 

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