Saturday, September 1, 2018

I Just Discovered One Note!

Last week I just learned how to use One Note and love it!  It is like a digital notebook where you can take notes, draw, make to do lists, save links, save videos, pics or documents to and have them all handy in one place.  You can organize with as many different sections as you want (think tabs in a notebook).  It has instructions and a tutorial video that shows you how to use it.

It is sort of like having your own private instagram, but you can share your notebook or pages from it if you want. If you share pages, others can also add things to it which you can see as well.

Apparently, another bit benefit is that you can have it on your mobile device, but I don't have any.  The only drawback that I know of so far is that you can't print things from it.

My main use for it so far is to collect pickleball tips and videos in it.  It's pretty cool!

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