Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Best Reads In September

For September we both liked Butterfly Garden by Chip St. Clair the best, although "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Wall was a close second for Gerard.

Gerard's Review: The Butterfly Garden is a Fascinating Story! (8 stars)

I'm so glad I took the time to browse through the books at the library and come across this one. An amazing true story about Chip St. Clair. This book is a real page turner that's full of surprises. Chip is a remarkable person! I highly recommend this book.

Karen's Review: A Very Bizzare Life Story (5 stars)

Chip grew up being abused and not knowing his parents were on the run. Chip didn't find out until he was in college about the secrets his parents kept from him by lying to him his whole life. He realized that they were both very dangerous people and he was fortunate to have survived into adulthood.

This book shows the great influence a woman can have on a man and the importance of a good woman in a man's life. Lisa helped Chip sort out his past and loved him for who he was, bringing out the best in him. Growing up, Chip found solace in poetry and art. Not until the end of the book does the reader find out the meaning of the title of the book. I agree with Gerard when he says it's a real page turner and full of surprises!


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