Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chris at WildCatsThree Answers Questions About Cubestat

Last month I had a post, "Blog Stats at Cubestat--What Do They Mean?" about my cubestat stats for my blogs asking for help in interpreting them. Chris over at Ramblings Around The Water Coolerwas kind enough to send me this answer in an email so I wanted to share it so here you go:

I'm guessing the Website worth is similar to a Technorati based blog worth technique that I used for a bit on my blogs. The creator used Technorati's information on links into a blog to come up with a blog worth figure. I don't think it really is what you sell the blog for, but it's a fun tool to watch the figure go up as more sites link to you. After I joined in the World Record Big Bang meme, my blog's worth sored to over $100,000, and I know it's not worth near that.

2nd question about daily ad revenue - I don't know but it could mean what you could expect to make if you ran Adsense or some other ads, based on your blog's traffic etc. But I'm not sure.

3rd question about daily pageviews. Either it's a mistake in their programming or maybe they have it mislabled because it sounds like your actual pageviews total is very close to what they're showing for a day. I do know that pageviews are more important than "visitors" numbers. I read somewhere that pageviews are the stats you want to pay attention to, as it shows the number of pages on your blog that were actually read, and if it's higher than your visitors totals, that means people are looking at many pages within your blog, and not just popping in and leaving right away.


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