Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Happy Gotcha Day, Abby!

We are celebrating our dog's 14th birthday!  She's been through so much and has been the best dog we could ever have had!  We got her 9 years ago when she was 5 years old.

She always got along with our cats. 

Shortly after we adopted her, we enrolled in in classes at PetSmart and she passed her Canine Good Citizen test easily.


We loved taking her to the park and she loved the car ride too. 

She loves people and made lots of friends wherever she went.

She used to visit two nursing homes twice a month before she had trouble walking on the slippery tile floors.

She survived being attacked by two Rottweilers while on her evening walk one winter.  She was bitten all over her body and the vet didn't think she'd live, but God healed her and she pulled through!

She used to walk for miles every day (now she can't since she dislocated her shoulder).  She is on pain medication and still likes walking, just not near as far.


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