Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cleveland Browns Disappoint Again!

I stayed up to watch the Browns on Sunday night because I played the squares game so wanted to see if I'd win. It just depends if I had the numbers that matched the last digit of the score at the end of each quarter. (Gerard went to bed.)

I was pleasantly surprised that the Browns did not get clobbered again by the Steelers; however, it was just as disheartening to see them come so close to winning but losing because the offense just couldn't score. The six points they did get came on field goals. At least we have a kicker. The other encouraging thing I saw was our punter did excellent.

I felt our defense came through by holding the Steelers to just 10 points. Three dropped passes by one of our stellar receivers really hurt! Crennel is getting a lot of flak from kicking a field goal with just 3 minutes left to play when down by 7. As I watched, I know how he felt because I felt the same way. I just saw our offense blow three opportunities to score and on 4 and 7, who knows. They had been converting 3 and longs but this was over if they went for the TD and didn't get it which I believe was probably around a 97% chance of that happening. He wanted points to close the gap and then hope for a lucky TD to win the game.

It could have happened too. We had the ball at the end of the game but then he didn't even have Killen Winslow, our other stellar receiver on the field! I couldn't believe it. A hail Mary completed pass and we would have won in spite of all the other blown plays, but with Winslow on the sideline, that was about a 1% chance of happening in my opinion.

It was another upsetting game but I felt they definitely showed improvement over their preseason fiascoes and the Dallas game. I still have hope that they can beat Baltimore this week and enter the win column.

As far as my picks went, I lost on all five even betting against my Browns because Pittsburgh didn't cover the spread. I will try again this week, can't do any worse!


Anonymous said...

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Karen and Gerard said...

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BeadedTail said...

It's good that you have some positive outlook for your Browns. Hopefully their season goes pretty well. We're Chiefs fans and there are no bright spots that we see and haven't for quite awhile now. Oh well, maybe next year!

Unknown said...

Sports teams will break your heart, but they are fun and tormenting to watch. Hey, I'm a Boston Red Sox fan, I understand heartbreak and disappointment. And then suddenly they win two championships! Hang in there, the Browns may be champs again someday.


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