Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary to Us

Wait, we’ve been married 19 years? Wow, time flies but then when we think about it, a lot has happened through those years. This is the first year we are not together on our wedding anniversary and it seems odd and kind of sad. We exchanged cards this morning and Gerard got me a new Indians cap because mine was very faded and a fancy Indians t-shirt. Yes, I much prefer these to flowers which only last a week. After being married 19 years, he knows me well.

Oh, back to why we are not spending this day together. It’s quite simple actually, pets rule! I finally decided to get Manny his dental and we wanted Dr. Walker who was not available today, so we scheduled him tomorrow. Of course, Gerard could have dropped him off and picked him up without me, but I wanted to be there for him.

We will be together though to celebrate tomorrow. We plan to go to the zoo in the morning, have a little picnic lunch with McDonald’s, look through some old pictures to stroll down memory lane together and maybe play some tennis or Pickleball, watch a movie and of course enjoy time with our pets (even though Manny will be at the vet most of the day).

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