Saturday, September 18, 2021

Spunky Doodle Crosses the Rainbow Bridge at Age 17

The hardest thing about pet ownership is watching your beloved pet deteriorate to the point when it's time to let them go and have them put down.  Spunky Doodle was born feral and I took her in as a kitten.  She lived with us for 17 years and 2 months.  Although she was never a lap cat, she was very playful and would sleep next to me in my bed every night for quite a long stretch.  

She threw up a lot during a long stretch and had to only eat special Royal Canine food for renal support, but still was active and acted normal.  We enjoyed her playfulness with our other cats and I loved playing all sorts of different games with her. 
She was quite the entertainer and made me laugh a lot over the years.  I never once regretted bringing her home.  

Over the past year she developed a tumor which we had tested and was told it was not cancerous.  However, it kept growing bigger and bigger.  At first, I couldn't even see it and just was able to feel a slight bump on her right side, but then I saw it.  Her jumping up on things came to an end and so did her sleeping with me.  I lifted her onto her cat tree, carried her up to the den so she didn't have to climb the stairs.  The vet gave her a steroid which helped with her appetite, her eating so she didn't throw up so much and it seemed she had more energy.  She actually did pretty good for about two months until the last couple weeks when I noticed she was walking around less and less, having a hard time getting in and out of her litter box.  Sometimes, she'd even step in her waste and the litter would get caught in between her toes--yuck!  I decided it was time to let her go.  She was not well and not enjoying her days.  

It helps knowing I did the right thing for her, but I still miss her and am heartbroken.  The last trip to the vet for her was Tuesday and I just carried her in the pink cat bed instead of putting her into a carrier.  

This is the shirt I got from Spunky Doodle on Sweetest Day this year.

You can view videos of Spunky (as well as my other cats) on my YouTube Channel here.

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Monday, August 30, 2021

My Dog Must Be a Magician!

Look, no tags mom!  It's a mystery!  This morning when we were putting her leash on, my husband noticed her tags were missing.  Yet, the ring they hung on was still closed tight!  Can't figure out how they came off or where they are.  It's so frustrating.  This is about the fourth time they fell off.  I looked all over the house and retraced our last walk of the day yesterday. but couldn't find them.  

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Monday, August 16, 2021

Bad Dog!

Biggest Bruise I ever had--thanks, Roxy!

Had an adventurous walk Saturday morning with our dog--went all the way to Brookpark, then over to W. 54th and home. Roxy rolled on some weeds that were just sprayed with weed killer on Brookpark, then pulled me over face first when she ran after doing a roll on some wet grass and had her leash between her legs. I let up on the leash a bit because I didn't want Roxy getting hurt, but then I got hurt instead
(At least she did stop after I fell down)! Fortunately, just scraped my left knee and bruised my right upper leg because I had keys in my pocket that I fell hard on--stupid keys! Mostly I fell on the grass which was good! She is very strong and I hadn't braced myself enough to stay up.

A lady driving by stopped to make sure I was all right. My husband told her I needed a ride home but she was on her way to work. Another guy stopped too and was going to call an ambulance but I was able to get up on my own and could walk so told him I didn't need one.

I was able to walk the rest of the way home in pain (about 40 min.). The whole walk took 2 hrs. and 15 min. We washed off Roxy when we got home and I put Bactine and ice on my wounds. My knee wasn't hurting at all when I got home, but now it is a little. My upper leg hurt more but feels okay when I rub it. Praise God didn't break anything!!!! Went to Urgent Care in afternoon to make sure because had big dark bruise by 4:00. Now Gerard knows how I feel when he falls. Don't think we'll be doing this walk again!
Sorry mom, didn't mean to hurt you!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

"My Second Gotcha Day" by Roxy

before I was adopted--at the shelter

Me Today after Getting My Teeth Brushed

I've been with Karen and Gerard for 2 years now and am six years old.  I've come a long way since I first arrived.  I don't bust through screens anymore.  I can stay home alone without chewing things or getting into trouble.  I do not have to be crated, yay!  I don't jump on the door as often when they come back home.  I usually pass other dogs on the street without tugging on the leash to get to them.  I usually wait for permission before chasing squirrels.  

Today is was very rainy and thunder boomers came during my morning walk, but we took shelter on someone's porch that was very nice and dry.  The lady didn't seem to mind and even offered to drive us home the rest of the way, but we waited it out.  It only rained for about 15 or 20 minutes.  We have lots of nice people that live around us!  Just the other day when we got caught in a rain shower one street away, a lady loaned us her umbrella.  

I had a good "gotcha" day in spite of the rain because Karen and Gerard did not go to play pickleball like they usually do.  I had Gerard all day and Karen most of the day except when she went to the gym.  When she came back, she had ice cream sundaes from McDonald's and I had a Dogster ice cream.  For supper, Karen included a bacon treat as a surprise for me.  

I am happy with my home and so glad they adopted me!  They usually let me have the couch or the chair by the window.  (I do still bark at other dogs that go by and of course, the mailman.)  Oh yeah, and I like my new name better too!  There are still lots of dogs in shelters.  Maybe you could rescue one?  Woof!  Woof!  

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Special Trees That Made Me Laugh

On our walk the other day, I noticed these three trees that made me laugh in the backyard of a house in our neighborhood.  I thought it was a good idea!  They reminded me of the trees in Wizard of Oz that threw apples.  Did you ever see any trees with faces?  

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