Saturday, October 3, 2009

What's This?

Last Saturday I went into the bedroom and saw the pillow on the floor. I thought "What's this?" Then I looked on the bed and saw a big bump. Sure enough, when I lifted the covers, there was Spunky Doodle all snuggled in. I was impressed that she was able to knock off the pillow so she could crawl under the covers. Guess she must have been a bit cold. Check out her blog post: Living Up to My Name to find out what she's been up to lately. No wonder she's tired!

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Daisy said...

Spunky Doodle is talented! When I want under the covers, I usually just scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch at the covers until my Mommeh gets fed up and pulls them back for me. Heh heh.

Unknown said...

Peanut does that too. Now Skitto don't ever like to be covered up, she is too scared I guess.

Spunky Doodle has the right idea, comfort!!

Have a great weekend.

Lin said...

You can tell it is getting cold when the kitties are taking over the blankets!


Thanks for stopping by on my SITS feature day!

The Author said...

That's so cute! P.S. - I LOVE your sheets.

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