Monday, October 12, 2009

Browns Win-Yippee; Patriots and Red Sox Lose-Boo Hoo

Cleveland Browns

Who let the dogs out? Yesterday the Cleveland Browns finally got a win over the Buffalo Bills! How they did it was amazing! The Buffalo Bills really helped them out by getting a lot of penalties including 9 false starts! Then one big mistake at the end when one of their players tried getting the punt and fumbled it. The Browns special teams and kicker were fantastic! That's why they won this game.

The Browns offense amounted to a running game by Jamal Lewis (over 100 yards) and Josh Cribbs (30 yards). Anderson only completed two passes the whole game! Their kicker, Zastudil, had the Buffalo Bills starting from inside the 5 yard line three times!

I was so glad to see the run the ball when they got down to the end zone in the last minutes of the game instead of trying to pass. I was also happy for the substitute kicker when he made the winning field goal. It was closer than it is when going for the extra point, but the wind was very strong and he was not as experienced as Phil Dawson.

Of course, the Browns had trouble scoring but managed to get two field goals which was one more than the Bills had, winning 6-3. This was a match up between two bad teams. Even at the half, the sportscasters were joking about what a boring game it was to watch.

The Browns were ecstatic that they finally won a game and in the locker room afterward, gave Coach Mangini the game ball since it was his first win in Cleveland. I think they actually played much better last week against Cincinnati when they lost in overtime. Hopefully this will encourage them and at least they won't have to worry if they'll ever win a game anymore.

New England Patriots

Following the Browns game, we watched the Patriots lose to Denver. Denver had the ugliest uniforms I ever saw! They were brown and yellow with stripes all over the bottom half of their legs. I think the Patriots were distracted by them--it's hard to play football when you're laughing so hard. I was very surprised when the Patriots lost in overtime to Denver.

Boston Red Sox

We were shocked to see the Red Sox lose in the first round of the playoffs against the Angels. How could that happen? This is the Red Sox, not the Indians. They blew their lead yesterday just as Gerard predicted they would. I thought no way, they're too good a team to lose three straight in the playoffs, but yes they did. I think I must have jinxed them when I became a Red Sox fan this year when I gave up on the tribe.

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Sandee said...

If you're happy then good for you. We don't follow sports, so we haven't a clue.

Have a terrific day. :)

The Bumbles said...

Those uniforms weren't as horrifying as what the refs had to wear. Ugh.

The ugliest of all was Papelbon's performance in Fenway however. Grrrr.

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