Friday, October 30, 2009

5 Things I Learned This Week--Part 43


According to 3 Easy Tips to Speed up Weight Loss and say Bye Bye Belly Fat on Health Nut Wannabee Mom's blog, eggs are good for this:
Eggs are chocked full of protein and stabilize blood sugar while increasing your metabolism by 25 percent for two hours and curb appetite to cut daily calorie intake.
This is really good news for me because I love scrambled eggs!

Little Elf

When visiting I beati through Pet Pride I found out the the name Avery means little elf. This got my attention because my former boss is named Avery. Check out the post I just wrote about him last week: What A Nice Boss!

My Guest Post

My guest post, "How Cancer Affected My Life" was up this week on Talkin' with Teenie: Blogging for Boobs series.

Design Tutorials

I found a very helpful blog this week: Cat Spills the Beans that gives tutorials on how to do blog designing.

Bone Density

Just found out yesterday that my bone density test revealed that I'm deficient in Vitamin D and Calcium and that I should start taking Citracal, yet another pill to avoid hip fractures when I hit old age. Why can't the sun just shine more here? Phooey on this!

Half Past Kissin' Time hosts Friday Fragments so click here for more.

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won said...

I was going to leave you a comment, but it seems like I have to go make myself some eggs instead....

Thanks for the much appreciated tip!

Daisy said...

I always liked the name Avery, and now I like it even more!

Grand Pooba said...

As they say, it's the incredible edible egg!

Good to hear because I love eggs too! Dang I'm hungry!

Sandee said...

I too love scrambled eggs and have them every morning. Also, I've been taking calcium +D since I was about 40. All women should. I was lucky to have someone tell me that way back when.

Have a terrific day and weekend Karen. :)

Claudya Martinez said...

Funny, you should mention the egg thing because I'm trying to lose weight and was wondering if eating eggs for breakfast would be a good idea. Apparently it is.

Also, I'm off to check out "Cat Spills the Beans". I love finding good tutorials.

Melissa B. said...

But what if one doesn't like eggs? Happy Halloween!

One Quarter to Go 'Til Halftime

Mrs4444 said...

I suppose I should be beefing up on the vitamins, too; I'm sure my bones are no better off.

Thanks for the egg info! I always find good stuff in your fragments. Thanks for sharing :)

Have a great weekend.

DS Card said...

I take eggs every day. Eggs are one of my favorite foods.

The Bumbles said...

I enjoyed your guest post about your cancer experience to date. Sounds like you are adjusting your life in a positive way. Sharing your story will be a big help to others after you.

The Author said...

That's good to know about eggs because all my weight sits right on my stomach.
I take Citracal every day and keep strength training in your exercise regimen and you'll be fine.
It's actually very sunny there if you think about it.

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