Monday, October 5, 2009

Walking The Dog In The Dark Can Be Dangerous

Last week while walking our dog Abby in the dark before work, Gerard fell and got all scratched up on his nose and right under his nose. He was fortunate that he didn't break something or break his glasses again. He was two streets away and came in bleeding and calling for me. My only thought was "Now what happened?" He got it to stop bleeding at least pretty much before leaving for work, but I immediately got a flashlight for him to use from then on.

It occurred to me that he should have one of the mining helmets with the big light on front and I mentioned it to him when he called at lunch time. To my surprise, he didn't object. Daisy The Curly Cat left a comment regarding taking a flashlight on his walks saying that her dad wears a headband with a light on it that can be found at sporting goods stores.

On Saturday, Gerard headed out to Dick's Sporting Goods to see what he could find. Sure enough, he came back with a Panther Power Cap cap that had lights in the bill of the cap. Several different kinds even, two green LED floodlights preserve night vision, an ultra bright white LED spotlight for distance and two white LED floodlights for nearby surroundings. It runs on replaceable watch batteries.

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Babs-beetle said...

It isn't good walking in the dark. A helmet light is a good idea! Glad he's OK :)

Daisy said...

I am so sorry Gerard got hurt! Thank goodness it wasn't much worse.

Karen said...

Poor Gerard! Yes, a light is a good idea.

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