Saturday, October 24, 2009

What A Nice Boss!

I started back to work last Monday and when sorting through the stack of mail on my desk, I came across an Applebees Gift Card! I was so surprised to find that!! It was from Avery and Susannah, the lawyer who I worked for before he retired last year and his wife to welcome me back. He still pops into the office now and then but I haven't actually worked for him since last December. He's the nicest person I know--a real people person! Not only has he served on numerous boards of non-profit organizations but is also a kind and very generous person. He thoroughly enjoys spending time with his family and his grandchildren and always has interesting stories to tell about his life experiences.

Today Gerard and I used the gift card and had lunch at Applebees. I had a delicious BBQ grilled chicken salad that was huge and ate the whole thing! It was SO good! Gerard chose the fish-n-chips which he enjoyed very much because he hasn't had that in so long. We were both too full for dessert, but it was a very good meal and we could still watch the Ohio State game.

Who's the nicest person you know and why?

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AiringMyLaundry said...

My husband is pretty nice even though he's a bit of a slob. But he has a good heart :)

Daisy said...

What a thoughtful gesture! Kindnesses like that are always remembered, I think.

The Author said...

How sweet and thoughtful. I must say I know many amazing, kind people and I can't pick just one. You for example are one of those people and are definitely on my list.
Glad you had a wonderful lunch.

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