Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Voting Is Hard Work!

I don't listen much to the news or read the newspaper, especially no political articles because I just do not like politics. However, when I saw how many choices are on the ballot for the upcoming primary election, I felt it only right to try to find out about the candidates to vote responsibly. I actually went through the whole ballot and either googled the names or looked them up on Wikipedia. I also searched for voters guide and found some information about the candidates that way. (We vote by mail so get our ballot ahead).

I was glad I did because several of my initial choices I ended up changing. There was even one presidential candidate that I really liked! Usually, it's just voting for a lesser of two evils. Now, I imagine you are wondering who it is that I am so excited about voting for. I'll give you a hint: he's a republican and his first name is Rick.

I am not posting this to influence your vote one way or the other though. My intent is simply to encourage you to seriously check out the candidates before you vote for them. Don't just assume that a male judge would be better than a female judge so vote for the male. Another word of caution, don't just automatically vote for a familiar name--please look into the other choices as well so you can be an informed voter. Voting is certainly a privilege but also a responsibility that we have as citizens of the United States.

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Rosemary B❤️ said...

Rick Santorum , just another lawyer.
He would be the greatest gift for the Oblamer administration.
Mr. Santorum is not a leader, he has never managed anything, he knows nothing about business, he thinks birth control is evil....

I am certain the democrats would be thrilled if he were the candidate to run against Oblamer. That would be a very easy election for Oblamer.
Only conservatives will vote for him. You have to remember, the dead vote for Oblamer, as do cartoon characters and illegals.

You should watch television. Mr. Santorum has said so many things that are rather disturbing.

bonks for a happy day

Anonymous said...

Do what I do...Shut your eyes and pick one

BeadedTail said...

It is good advice to check everyone out yourself because so often you hear what the other side puts out there without knowing whether it's true or exaggerated.

Karen and Gerard said...

Pierro: I know conservatives get bashed for being so conservative, BUT, if us conservatives don't vote for them, who will? We are conservative and I do not apologize for it. I have nothing against lawyers, I work for lawyers and most I know are very nice, generous people. Lawyers get a bad rap.

Rick is a millionaire, must know how to manage money somewhat, right?

Go ahead and vote for someone else if you wish--it's your right. I'm not trying to promote him here, just sayin' I'm glad I found someone I actually want to vote for.

Anonymous: I hope you're kidding!

Beaded Tail: I wish there was a campaign rule that prevented candidates and their advertisers from saying anything about their opponents at all. They should only be allowed to talk about what they themselves stand for and would do if elected.

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