Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Betty White on the Super Bowl and Our Thoughts Too

One of my friends on Facebook posted this video which I love! I really like Betty White and her humor, don't you? We watched the Super Bowl and were disappointed that the Patriots lost, but they had a good season and did win two playoff games. I felt if they hadn't dropped those two passes in the last four minutes of the game that they could have come back to win. I thought the funniest thing was when the Giants scored that last touchdown and were NOT happy about it. They were trying to take time off the clock so the Patriots wouldn't have enough time to score. All the Giants needed was a field goal to take the lead right at the end to win. The Patriots let them score the touchdown so they'd get the ball and have time to score again. The Giants player was right at the goal line and tried to stop from going over, but fell into the end zone on his butt. I thought it was quite funny! It's the first I ever saw a team be sad about scoring a touchdown!

Gerard watched in the basement so if he lost his temper, he wouldn't bother me. The pets and I all watched upstairs and for the first time ever, Spunky Doodle came up on the couch and laid on me along with Manny. I think they were both very happy cats because I shared some little pieces of my salmon with them. Whenever I have that, they always come around me and beg. I'm going to have to ask Gerard to video my salmon supper one of these days--it's really funny how hard it is for me to eat it with the two cats there trying to get at it. (Sorry, I digress, a sample of how women "spider web.")

(50 cents per legitimate comment goes to Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue for February in honor of cat appreciation month!)

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Sandee said...

I love Betty White too. We don't watch sports though. Okay we don't watch much of anything.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

I love Betty White! We didn't watch the game which is the first time my hubby has never watched a Super Bowl in his life but he just really dislikes both teams so much that he decided we should go hiking instead! I'm glad that Spunky Doodle and Manny enjoyed salmon with you!

Mrs4444 said...

Sorry about your team, Karen :)

Betty White rocks--I'd love to meet her.

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