Monday, February 27, 2012

This Is A First!

Karen and Manny Boy at the computer
Manny says he's waited long enough for his turn to blog and came right on my lap for the first time while I was at the computer.  I always enjoy my cats and am honored when they come to me.  Anyone who has cats knows that they are the ones who decide when you can and cannot pet them.

It must have been okay for him because since, he's been back again several times and now even lays down so I can still type with him on my lap, providing I'm not petting him which is extremely hard for me to refrain from doing.  Manny has certainly lived up to his nickname--"Mr. Nice Nice."   

Do your pets gather around you when you are at the computer? 

(50 cents per legitimate comment goes to Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue for February in honor of cat appreciation month!)

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Sandee said...

Our dog Little Bit will visit hubby, but not me. She's is my husbands dog and although she loves me, she has only one master...hubby.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

Manny, we're glad you figured out where to go to get attention from your mom! We help our mommy on the computer too! We get on her lap or on the desk and our sisfur Sadie lays at her feet. She couldn't work the computer without us!

Sparkle said...

When my human is sitting at MY desk (because it DOES belong to me), and I am hungry or want her attention, I jump right on it and slap her face or poke her. It certainly gets her attention! She's too fidgety to do the lap thing. Sometimes I will sit on her mouse pad, though. For some reason she does not seem to like that.

Manny said...

Sandee: Dog is man's best friend but cats are women's! You need a cat!

Beaded Tail: We all gather around the computer to when Karen is on it. We're never very far away! We even hang out together in the computer room when she leaves for work--that's when we can finally have a chance at it.

Sparkle: We haven't sat on the mouse pad yet because it's on the same wood that the keyboard is on and Karen never lets us on that part. You are very feisty, aren't you? I am lucky that Karen usually sits still for my lap time.

Thanks for commenting!

Beth Ann said...

Both Buddy and Holly love to horn in on the action when I am on the laptop! If I leave it open and leave the room there is usually one or the other lounging on it when I return. i guess it is warm and feels nice though I do not think it would be all that comfy to lay on!!! Buddy is always on my lap when I am laying on the couch or sitting in the chair and I usually have to rearrange the laptop to accomodate him....which I am happy to do, of course!

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