Thursday, February 16, 2012

We've Been Tagged So See If We Tagged You

Beth Ann over at It's Just Life tagged me for this and since I had nothing better to post today, I decided to go ahead and do it.

1. Describe yourself in 7 words.
Karen:  Generous, Reader, Christian, Funny, Conscientious, Loving, Organized
Gerard:  Organized, Sports fan, Dog Lover, Hard Worker, Reader, Loner, Cookie Monster

2. What keeps you up at night?
Karen:  My cat, Spunky Doodle, when she crawls under the covers with me.  I just have to pet her!
Gerard:  Bad weather reports for the next day and when his favorite Boston teams lose important games.

3. Who would I like to be?
Karen:  I like being me quite well, but if I HAD to be someone else, I think Peter Pan--I like the idea of never growing up!
Gerard:  Tom Brady (Patriots Quarterback).

4. What am I wearing now?
Karen:  My leopard pajamas, my kitty cat robe, socks and shoes.
Gerard:  My dog lover nightshirt and my snuggie.

5. What scares me? 
Karen:  Bees!
Gerard:  Roller coasters!

6. The best and worst of blogging.
Karen & Gerard:  The best is getting to know lots of nice people and learning a lot from reading other blogs; the worst is that it is so time consuming.

7. The last website I visited.
Karen:  It was to load another library book to my Kindle.
Gerard: to check it out and found a t-shirt I liked.

8. What is the one thing I would change about myself?
Karen:  I'd like to be more adventurous and not be so afraid to travel to new places.
Gerard:  I wish I were more athletic.

9. Slankets: yes or no? 
Karen and Gerard:  No, I don't even know what a slanket is!

10. Tell us something about the person that tagged you.
Beth Ann collects tea pots and shows a different one on her blog every day.  She also donates 50 cents per legitimate comment on her blog to charities and is a big supporter of KIVA.  She is a very sweet lady who enjoys knitting, reading and traveling.  She has a cat named Buddy.

I am supposed to pass this along to others so I am going to tag some folks. I hope you will visit all of them–they are all wonderful people with great blogs!  I'm tagging these:

If you want to do it—please do. If not—no worries!!! I totally understand how time intensive blogging can be . 

(50 cents per legitimate comment goes to Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue for February in honor of cat appreciation month!) Share this:


Lin said...

I don't know what a slanket is either! Uh oh.

Okay, I'll play along. :) Thanks for tagging me!

Beth Ann said...

Great answers for both of you!!! Thanks for playing along! I know it is time consuming but now I know more about you!!! Happy Thursday!

Karen Jo said...

I don't know what a slanket is, either. It was nice learning more about both of you.

BeadedTail said...

It was fun reading your answers! Thank you for thinking of us too! We thought a slanket was like a snuggie - a blanket with sleeves - but not really sure.

Mrs4444 said...

I really loved the way you did these with Gerard; it was a fun.

Thanks for thinking of me. Not sure I'm up to it, but I will definitely think about it.

Karen and Gerard said...

I think you may be right, Beaded Tail, about the slanket. That would make sense. Gerard likes his snuggle but I prefer blankets.

Beth Ann: At least these were easy questions. That's why I did it--I don't like to think too hard!

Karen Jo: Thanks for your comment. I like knowing that someone learned something they didn't know about us already. It's hard coming up with new things after blogging 4 years.

Mrs 4444: I confess, I didn't ask him for his answers. Just answered for him.

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