Friday, February 10, 2012

6 Things We Learned This Week 6 of 2012 (vet, computer, Tebow, funny, cats, feet)

Friday Fragments is hosted my Half-Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post. We like to share what we've learned each week.
  1. Vet Video of Abby

    Bartels Busack Pet Hospital that took care of our dog, Abby, after she was attacked posted a video about her miracle recovery on their Facebook Page! Abby was so pleased she did a post about it: My Vet Made a Video of Me.
  2. Tim Tebow

    After reading Tim Tebow's book, Through My Eyes, I learned several things about him I didn't know before: (1) He was born in the Philippines; (2) his dad is a preacher; (3) he grew up on a farm so is "farm strong.  In case you don't know, Tim Tebow is the Denver Broncos Quarterback who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and gives God the glory. (4) You can play on school sport teams even if you are homeschooled.
  3. Moving Task Bar

    This week our task bar that has "start" on it on our computer somehow showed up on the right side of the screen vertically instead of across the bottom of the screen where it belongs. This was annoying and I immediately emailed a couple of my techie blogging buddies for help. All I had to do was hold down a left click somewhere in the middle of it and drag it back to where it belonged. To lock it in place, you can right click on it somewhere in the middle of it and it gives you an option to "lock the task bar" which I did. Thanks for your quick response, Kathy at the Junk Drawer and Rebecca at The Older Geek.
  4. Laugh!

    Did you know it's good to laugh every day? Kids laugh 10x more than adults do in one day--they have the right idea! I found This Should Put a Smile On Your Heart Today this week over at Jodi's Journey that made me laugh out loud.
  5. Spunky Doodle

    I'm Hungry, mom!
    I have to put my lunch in the refrigerator because if I leave it on the kitchen counter, my cat, Spunky Doodle tears the bag open and will eat my bread! (More about her latest escapades in a post this week--she is feeling a bit neglected because Abby is getting so many posts lately.)
  6. Plantar Fascitis

    I never heard of Planter Fascitis until a couple days ago when one of the attorneys I work for came limping into work. It's a pain in the arch of a foot due to inflammation of a ligament that runs along the arch. The doctor said it may have been caused by not having enough support from the shoe.
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Kay said...

I am so glad Abby is doing better!! That must have been scary!! I wonder if I have suffered that Plantar Fascitis? I always thought it was just 'fallen arches' hurt. I love to laugh, I will have to check that out!!

Wayne W Smith said...

Planter Fascitis is really painful. I hope your colleague is feeling better.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I like these posts every week.

That is hilarious about Spunky!! It's probably not hilarious when you discover your bread has been munched... but it's so quirky!

I didn't know those things about Tebow. Very cool!!!

And I'm glad your task bar problem is solved. Kathy was on that solution in a flash!

BeadedTail said...

Spunky Doodle, that's very clever eating your mom's lunch! We can't wait to see your post!

Mrs4444 said...

Plantar Fascitis is a scary-sounding condition; I hope I never learn anything about it first-hand!

Tim Tebow is a bright spot in an otherwise-cloudy collection of sports heroes these days...

Speaking of strange computer events, mine is suddenly not reading my photo card! grrrrr

Have a great weekend, Karen :)

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

That's so funny that Spunky eats your sandwiches. I wonder if she would like a PBJ. I have it on good authority that 1 out of 10 clowns do NOT like PBJ sammiches.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Poor spunky-doodle! At least she didn't get locked in the fridge like Ann's cat!

I got PF really bad when I worked in a lab with cement floors. Custom Orthotics, time and exercise fixed it.

Hootin' Anni said...

Love, love, love to laugh. Even at myself sometimes. It's the best medicine on earth....laughter. And I didn't know that about home schooling and playing on the school's sport teams. Oh that Spunky Doodle sure has caught my eye....I do so love cats.

Doreen said...

OMGoodness Abby's post made me cry. I am SO happy she is okay.
My terrier jumped on my dining room table on Friday and ate my lunch. Louie just thinks he is a cat. He had the napkin stuck to his chin [which is how I knew it was him.]
I am really liking Tebow.
Have a fabulous stert to your week:)

Lin said...

When I was growing up, we had a cat who loved bread. We'd have to store it on top of the refrigerator, but he soon figured out how to get it down. Then he'd drag it to the basement to eat it. Wish I had photos of that darn cat dragging a loaf of bread or a bag of rolls to the basement!! Silly cats!

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