Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Did You Do On Last Year's Resolutions?

I always like to review my resolutions/smart goals from the beginning of the year to see how we did. Do you remember what yours were? How did you do? Here's how we did:


Have morning devotions in den each morning (which means less blog commenting).
YES, I did quite well on this one. I am in the process of reading the Bible through for the second time and it gives me some direction. I'm also jotting down what I read each day.

Have more fun--do something new or go somewhere new each month.
Nope, I didn't do too well on this one. I can't think of anyplace we went this year that was new for us. I'm going to have to use this one again for 2011 and see if I can do better.

Work out at home at least three times per week.
Nope, that lasted for about two months. Too many distractions! I do plan on working out at least three times a week in 2011 and rejoined Fitworks so that I can go before work or at lunch time. That works best for me.

Eat healthy--stay away from the donuts!
Almost! I was doing very well on this one for the first two months. Then I changed floors at work and thought I should be social so started eating donuts on Fridays again. I did limit myself to only one instead of three though so that was improvement at least.

Be spontaneous at least 5 times.
Yes, I did these:
1) skipped along down the hall before work
2) sing on my way to the bus stop
3) Went to the Browns Family Day Scrimmage on a whim
4) Started our book blog
5) made a snowman on my day off

6) cookie decorating at the rainforest 
7) I was very silly at puppet practice after the Brown beat the Patriots--I was in such a good mood!
8) Took Abby for walks on the spur of the moment

Make someone's day at least once a week.
Almost, I did try to do this. At least I thought about it practically every day. I'll try to improve on this in 2011 too!


Spend less money on clothes.
Yes, done.


Read at least 50 books in 2010.
We both accomplished this one by a lot: Gerard (98), Karen (89)

No Pop in 2010 except at parties.
Yes for Karen, No for Gerard.

It rained all day today--so much for being active.
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BeadedTail said...

You did a really good job of keeping your resolutions! I don't make them any more since it just sets me up for failure. I will try to workout on our elliptical more this year so maybe that could be a resolution in a round about way!

magiceye said...

Pet Pride has moved to Pets forever and the new address is


Pearl said...

i like the soda part!:-) lol

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