Thursday, January 6, 2011

We Are All At our Ideal Weight!

I am the man cat at our house and was up to 15 pounds according to the vet.  (Yes, even though I put up quite a fuss, I was captured and taken against my will.)  Karen cut back on my food and instead of filling up my dish in the morning, just gave me a handful and then again when she gets home from work.  I have now reached my goal weight of 12 lbs.  I sure hope I don't lose any more!  I feel so skinny!
When I was at the vet last, she called me "Chunky Spunky" and said I should be only 10 pounds.  I was 14 at the time but with a little more exercise and the set meal times, I have reached my goal.  Although fat cats are cute and all, it is healthier to not be overweight.  I hope you think I'm still cute!

Woof!  Woof!  I was the first one of us to reach my goal weight of 40 pounds.  I love to walk and Gerard started letting me decide how far we go.  The more weight I lost, the more I like to walk, especially in the snow and colder weather!  Now I easily can jump up on the bed and even on Karen and Gerard's laps while they watch TV!  Although I don't get as many treats or meat sticks, I guess these perks make up for it and I am no longer obese!  When I went to the spa for my bath last week, I was 39.9 so saved Karen and Gerard $12 because I was UNDER 40 pounds!

 Are you at your ideal weight? 

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Daisy said...

Congratulations on meeting your weight loss goals, that's awesome! We get weighed on a baby scale about once a month to make sure we aren't gaining or losing weight.

Lin said...

I'm not sure how I'm gonna get Hobbes to lose weight when I have two kitties with two very different needs. Grace is older and is thin, while Hobbes is....well....47 lbs of Stripey Goodness! I think when we switch vets I'm gonna get a lecture. Ugh.

BeadedTail said...

It's good you all are at your ideal weight! We're not quite there. Sadie weighs over twice what Abby does. She's a big girl though but could stand to lose some weight.

scrappysue said...

are we ever? it's not so much the number, as how much exercise i feel i oughta be doing!
happy new year!

Sparkle said...

Good for all of you for being your ideal weight! Binga and Boodie are about right for their builds, but I am actually UNDERweight! My human has been trying to get me over 6 lbs for a long time now. But nothing has worked because, well, I am kind of very picky! BTW, we all exercise and my human is careful not to overfeed us (well, at least Binga and Boodie). So it has been pretty simple to avoid being overweight. The humans here do the same things basically, and even though they do not eat the same food we do, they are still at good weights for their heights.

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