Friday, January 21, 2011

6 Things We Learned in Week 3 of 2011 (candy, email, happy, news, animals)


I thought I pretty much knew all about candy until my boss got a chocolate bacon candy bar in the mail. It's from Vosges Chocolates. Have you ever heard of this?  I finally got to taste it--very good!  The bacon taste was faint, mostly dark chocolate is what I tasted.

Email Subscriptions

Gerard learned that he can get an email letting him know when Best Friends adds a video. I subscribed and forwarded it him. He thought that was really cool! Maybe you would like to subscribe to you YouTube channel? Just click on our video tab at the top of our blog and it will take you right to our channel where you can subscribe.

Happy People Society

At Reader Buzz I learned there is actually a Secret Society of Happy People. Did you know that? I guess the secret is out now! This past week was their 5th "Hunt For Happiness" week.

A Dog In Court

By playing the Freekibble trivia I found out that the Michigan courthouse uses a Labrador Retriever named Amos to comfort kids who have to testify. Our dog, Abby would love a job like that!

PNN Closing

Our pets feel bad about the Personal News Network closing down Jan. 31 because they put a lot of work into their blogs over there. I heard the rumor and started moving our book reviews over to our new book blog but the pets stuff will soon be gone. This is where I first started blogging. I may let them copy a few things to post here but they asked me to let you know so you could visit their pages: Spunky and Manny's Cat Corner and Abby's Woof! Woof!


While reading Zoo Story, here is a sample of some animal facts I learned:
--Grinning chimps showing their teeth are not happy, they are afraid!
--An excited or angry elephant flaps its ears with vigor. If an elephant is relaxed, its ears relax. An elephant with a raised head, open ears and trunk in a "J" is a sign of wariness. A an elephant tapping its trunk on a smooth surface is slightly irritated. (Read our review at Grab A Book From Our Stack.)

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Lin said...

Oh, I like the court dog. What a great idea! I can imagine court can be very scary for kids. Years ago, Colin was hit by a car on his bike and their insurance didn't want to pay his bills. We went to a lawyer to see if that was right and he said we'd have to have Colin and his friends testify, which I couldn't do. He was fine and we had the money to pay for his bills--I couldn't scare kids like that. Maybe I should have asked for the court dog!

Kay said...

that is fantastic information about animals, i had no idea!! i can't wait to share that with my kids!

i have actually heard of chocolate covered bacon. i thought it sounded strange, i am not a huge chocolate person, but bacon might work well.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I have seen the chocolate bacon bar. Doesn't really appeal to me though!

Love the animal facts. Next time I go for an elephant ride, I will be more prepared and won't have to guess what the elephant is thinking!

Angie, Catladyland said...

As always, great info! I particularly like the "Hunt for Happiness" bit. Thank you!

BeadedTail said...

I think the dog in court is a great idea! As for the chocolate bacon, not so much. I don't like bacon though so that would just ruin my chocolate!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I noticed you on Daisy's blog and had to follow you because you are in CLEVELAND!!

I lived in Cleveland nearly my entire life...(from 1963 til 2001)....I worked at the Plain Dealer for 21 and a half years! I miss Cleveland! Where are you located there?

I am now in Michigan...about 34 miles north of Detroit.

I am dying to try that bacon chocolate!!! Yum!!!

Sooo it is super nice to meet you, cody and I are your newest followers!!!
Our love to Cleveland!

Dapoppins said...

At Voodoo donuts they serve a donut topped with maple frosting and bacon...they might have one with chocolate and bacon, actually if you asked, they would do it.

The Silver Age Sara said...

I've heard of bacon flavored chocolate but never had any. I did try bacon flavored coffee once and one sip was all I could manage.

I'm so glad the courts are using dogs to comfort kids.

Sorry about the PNN blogs.

Now I know if I run into an elephant and he's flapping his ears I'll run.

I always love your posts.

Hilary said...

I have actually heard of the chocolate bacon. I can't imagine how it tastes, but it probably is good... sort of like having chocolate chip pancakes with bacon on the side.

Jamie said...

Love the dog in court! What a sweet idea, I bet it does work well.
Mmmm...isn't everything better with bacon??

Mrs4444 said...

The bacon-chocolate sounds kind of gross and wonderful.

Love the idea of the dog at the courthouse; that's awesome.

The photo of you and your pup is adorable :)

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