Friday, January 14, 2011

7 Things We Learned in Week 2 of 2011 (childrn, shopping, children, cats, giveaways)

SD Memory Card

I found out that my new SDHC memory card that I bought with a Best Buy gift isn't compatible with my computer. I exchanged it for one that is (an SD 2GB) and glossy 4x6 paper to print pictures on.

Dollar Bank Giveaway

When I deposited a check, I saw that Dollar Bank is giving away $1,000 a week until March 28. All I did to enter was register the serial number of a $1 bill.


I first heard about this rare disease in the book Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans. The only remedy is to not eat anything with gluten. I didn't know if it was a real disease or not because it was a fiction book; however, just this week the PLAIN DEALER did a big article about Gluten-free products that are tasty and mentioned that disease.

Children and Cancer

According to The National Children's Cancer Society, one in 330 children will develop cancer by age 20! Visit their website for information on how to help kids with cancer around the world:

Sugar Tails

I was sorry to see Sugar Tails is stopping blogging. I enjoyed her blog very much and will miss it but admire her for making the decision to focus more on God and her family and letting the blog go to do that. I have to constantly fight myself to keep blogging controlling me so understand completely.

Giveaway Winner

I was so happy when I received the email from Susan at 365 Cat Ladies and Friends saying I won a giveaway for cute "This book belongs to _____" labels with cats on them from her Etsy shop.

Get Your Cat On TV

Over at Catladyland I learned that you can submit a video of your cat to Fresh Step's channel on YouTube and maybe be used in a commercial!

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HH and The Boys said...

What a great post of all sorts of things. Enjoyed it. Hope you all have a great weekend.

pawhugs, Max

Rebecca said...

Now why would the bank want the serial number of $1 bills? Is it to track the currency? They are willing to give away thousands of dollars for something like that? I'm suspicious, because banks are not generous with money, they do things for their own benefit (usually at the expense of others). Interesting.

The Silver Age Sara said...

Glad you won the giveaway! As to celiac disease, yes, it is very real and a growing problem in children as well. Lots of thoughts behind that.

I'm with Rebecca about the serial numbers of the bills. Maybe they are searching for someone or stolen bills?

Thinking of children being sick and especially with cancer is a sobering thought.

As always, enjoy these posts!

Sandee said...

I hope you win the 1,000 a week contest. That would be awesome.

Have a terrific weekend. :)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Excellent list of fragments! Wonder what I've learned this week! :)

BeadedTail said...

So many different things this week! Congratulations on winning the giveaway and I hope you win the $1,000 a week too!

Anonymous said...

WOW! By the end of the year you will be a wealth of knowledge :-)


Joanna Jenkins said...

I'll be on the lookout for a Dollar Bank in my neighborhood. $1000 would be very cool.

Stopping by from Mrs. 4444. Happy weekend, jj

Joanna Jenkins said...

WoW! That Dollar Bank giveaway is amazing. My whole family lives in Ohio so I'm passing this link on to them. THANKS!

Stopping by from Mrs. 4444. Have a great weekend, jj

Karen and Gerard said...

If I win the $1,000, I'll definitely write a whole post about it! I do like Dollar Bank though.

Glad so many of you took the time to comment and enjoy reading about what I learn every week. And yes, old Geezer, I do have a wealth of knowledge by the end of the year. I believe there is always something new to learn. That's what makes life so interesting!

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