Friday, January 7, 2011

10 Things We Learned in Week 1 of 2011 (news, places, videos, pets, books, humor)


I've heard of the Tasmanian Devil but didn't know Tasmania is actually a city in Australia! It is as I learned when I when blog trotting over at Life . . . Live It: My Place In This Big World. It sounds like a really fun place to live.

Calendar Widget

I learned that Christian Women Online have calendar widgets.


I used to have a set of plastic bowling pins and it was called Duck Pin bowling. Over at Karen's Opinion, I learned that in the Easter states there are actually Duck Pin bowling establishments! We were going to go bowling on New Year's Day until I called and found out it was $3.75 per game. That's is so outrageous! I remember when it used to be 50 cents a game!

Manny joined us late, sitting on the corner table.

Blogger Pics

Boy do I feel slow. I just noticed this week that if I click on the image I upload when drafting a post, there is an option for adding a caption. How long has that been there?

YouTube Cat Videos

According to the Freekibblekat trivia, there are over 584,000 cat videos on YouTube! Here is one of ours I especially like when we first got Abby:

If you to to our navigation bar and click on "videos" it will take you right to our YouTube channel where you can browse all of them. They aren't all cat videos.

Poll Results For Favorite Genres

Over at our book blog we had a little survey to find out what type of book most people like. We only had 41 votes; however, Mystery and Suspense was the overwhelming favorite with 30 votes. Historical fiction came in second with 17.  (The links take you to the mystery and suspense book reviews Gerard and I wrote on our book blog.  I'm sure you will find something you like!)

Sad News About Cats

Over at Sparkle's blog I learned about the Last Hope Cat Kingdom sanctuary having a fire and many cats lost their lives. The good news is that it will be rebuilt. Hop over there to read all about it at Give New Hope to Last Hope Cat Kingdom.


I just found out this week that I can put Tupperware in the microwave. Now when I take pizza to work for lunch, I don't need to bring paper plates along. I can just heat it up on my Tupperware lid!

Homeless Ted Williams

A homeless Ted Williams of Ohio finally gets lots of job offers because of his voice and a video going viral. He accepted the offer of doing voiceovers for the Cleveland CAVS. You can read all about it at Mashable/Video: Golden-Voiced Homeless Man Ted Williams Scores Job Offers After Video Goes Viral. the Quicken Loans President also offered to find him a home! Now this is the kind of news I like to hear.

An Old Fart

Thanks to this Alzheimer's Test over at Comedy Plus, I learned that I am an old fart! Boo hoo. I challenge you to take the test to see if you are one too!

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Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Hi, We came over from Daisy's blog.
We watched your video, and you kittycats are beautiful, and the pup, too!
We will visit again!
Happy Friday to you,
~ Noah and The Bunch

Sandee said...

Thanks for the shout out. I've not done too much this week after my eye surgery. I've pretty much lifted stuff from other funny people. I'm starting to feel almost human today.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Bill Lisleman said...

I enjoy posting homemade clips on youtube. It's fun. Your narration of the cat action is funny. They should have an award for best cat action narration.
I saw a news story on Ted Williams who has a great radio voice.

Claudya Martinez said...

Thanks for sharing the Ted Williams story.

BeadedTail said...

I didn't know that about blogger pics. I'll have to check that out! Do you have to be in the html tab?

Your cat's video is funny!

We were very sad to hear about the shelter from Sparkle too.

It's wonderful all the things that are happening for Ted Williams. I wish him all the best with his new found success!

Susan said...

I just noticed the caption thing, too!

Sparkle said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my story on Last Hope Cat Kingdom. It is wonderful how many of those who read about them have reached out to help!

Karen said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog post on Duck Pin bowling. I heard that it is very expensive to do. I'd rather stay home and sew!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Fires are just devastating - I can imagine that many of the cats were unable to get out. How sad.

I've certainly watched my share of those cat videos!

Have a great day,
Kristin _ The Goat

Doreen McGettigan said...

When my grandkids are here they watch kitty videos non-stop..some of them are so hysterical.
I am so happy for that homeless man...maybe I should do a video of Sophie our homeless lady.
I am looking forward to you reviewing my book (I hope you will) real soon!

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