Sunday, January 9, 2011

Speak Out--A Winter Rant

Gerard says:
We had a good snow fall here--over 4 inches at least and the two things that drive me batty are back: (1) people who walk in the street against traffic and (2) people on bikes without even any reflective clothing!

It's hard enough to battle the snow, black ice and potholes without these two things yet. Am I wrong?

Karen says:
Well, I agree with you about the people on bikes (bikes are not meant to be ridden in snow). However, I must defend the ones who walk in the street because I do this sometimes on the way to my bus stop in the morning.  Not everyone gets up during the night to shovel snow like you did so the sidewalks are full of snow (he went out at 2:30 a.m. to shovel one night last week!)  It was faster for me to walk in the street where the cars made tracks.  If a car came by, I went on a driveway apron until passed, and yes, I walk against traffic because that is the safest way.  You are supposed to walk against traffic so you can see what's coming.  When it's dark, I always try to wear some white or a light color so drivers can see me.  Especially when I cross the street and have to wait in the middle because there is so much traffic.

Be safe everyone and wear light colors or reflective clothing when you are walking (or riding bikes) in the dark.

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Rebecca said...

I greatly dislike the pedestrians in tbe streers after snow, too, but as I am sometimes a pedestrian, I do sympathize with them. People in my town rarely shovel the sidewalks. As a matter of fact, the often plow the snow into great big mounds on the sidewalks that pedestrians must walk dangerously around! So I tend to get more frustrated with the homeowners than the pedestrians.

Sandee said...

Great advice, but it is much easier not to live in snow country. Nothing to clear out of your driveway or anything else. You go out get in your car and drive off. No muss no fuss.

Have a terrific day. :)

Empty Nester said...

We rarely get snow here so I can't really express an opinion with experience to back it up. When we do get snow, everything shuts down! LOL

Lin said...

I say those in-the-street-walkers need to get some hip waders and walk on the sidewalks. As a driver, I'm always afraid that the person walking or riding their bike is gonna fall in the path of my car. I would be horrified if that happened and I ran them over. I'm with Gerard on this one.

BeadedTail said...

I'm just stuck on getting up at 2:30am to shovel snow! I'm just speechless at that!

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