Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Fitness Type Are You?

I took this quiz and it says:

My Fitness Type is Competitive

You love to work out, but you definitely need a challenge to stay motivated. (Absolutely true!)

You love to compete - both with others and yourself. You have to have goal in mind.  (Right on!)

You thrive in team sports, and consider trying a new one to shake things up a bit.  (Once upon a time, this was true for me; however, I do not have any desire to learn a new sport these days.)

And if you are between teams, set up your own competition. Find a few fitness goals and see how quickly you can reach them.  (I used to set up ping pong competitions and pool competitions in our basement as a teen.  I always keep the high scores in our box games and when I played video games way back when Atari was popular.)

Take this quiz and find out your fitness personality:

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The Author said...

Mine turned out "Free Spirited" which suits me.

I answered your survey in the corner and it's a good thing you can choose multiple answers :-)

Always enjoy visiting you.

BeadedTail said...

I was "Conscientious". I think it's more like reluctant! :)

Sandee said...

Your Fitness Type is Conscientious

You are committed to fitness and good health. That's motivation enough to keep exercising.
It's likely that you belong to a gym where you can get in a variety of exercise. You're always pushing yourself to be stronger and better.

You value routine, and sometimes you're reluctant to deviate from what you've grown to love.
Try to add one or two new exercises to the mix every so often. Your body will get even stronger from being shocked.

Yep that sounds about right. :)

tahtimbo said...

I got the same as you: Competitive. This is pretty much spot-on :-)

Angie, Catladyland said...

I'm Competitive too...totally not surprised :)

I usually need a goal to keep motivated and do best under pressure. I'm like that at word games too!

Rebecca said...

I got "Results Oriented." Haha!! That's me! I don't see any results, so I don't bother exercising. ;)

Exercising is tough, I never liked it. I always thought it wasted my time, especially when I had stuff to do like weeding, raking, lawn mowing, ripping out plaster walls, mopping floors....

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