Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year Begins!

Me with our pets (Manny joined us too on that corner table shortly after this was taken. 
By then Gerard was back to reading so didn't want to disturb him again to take the picture.
It rained all day so that ruined my plans for being active. My activity consisted of grocery shopping and walking back and forth to the buffet breakfast at Hometown Buffet. Gerard walked Abby in the rain alone.  Abby was thrilled with her New Year's Day bone.

We were going to go bowling but decided not to when we called to find out it now costs $3.75 per game!  We considered going to see "True Grit" but decided since it was raining, we could just watch a movie at home--we have a couple passes to a theater we never been to before.  Our big fun activity was playing rummy which Gerard won 500-490. It was fun because the lead kept going back and forth.

I continued my sedentary lifestyle by blogging, reading, enjoying our pets and making a vlog book (click the link to watch) review for A Closer Look At The Evidence by Richard and Tina Kleiss with Spunky sitting right next to me in the chair while I pet her! That was amazing--what a great way to start off the new year!

We finished out the evening watching TV: Gerard watched the Bruins and I watched "Eloise At Christmas" for the second time. I like it! Then I started watching Oprah's new channel (OWN) and fell asleep on the couch with Manny laying on me. How did you spend the first day of 2011?

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Sandee said...

No television.
I worked out.
Ate healthy.
Got enough sleep.

It was a great day. :)

BeadedTail said...

We watched football all day long. I didn't work out, didn't get near enough sleep but did read and relax for awhile too. Any day that doesn't involve work is a great day for me!

Lin said...

We worked around the house putting away the holiday stuff and getting crabby.

Karen and Gerard said...

Sandee: Sounds like you started off the year on a good note!

Beaded Tail: I agree, just being off work makes a day good. Glad you had some nice relaxing time.

Lin: Best part of not putting up a tree is not having to take it down! Gerard had our decorations put away in about 10 minutes.

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