Monday, January 17, 2011

The Thrill Of Victory--The Agony Of Defeat

Happy Packers Fans

This is a video of Packers fans from Half Past Kissin' Time showing how they celebrated the Packers victory last weekend by running around their house barefoot in the snow and wearing shorts! I just thought it was hilarious and am sure Gerard and me would never do such a crazy thing. How about you?

Sad Patriots Fans

Manny Laid On Me The First Half

Last night once again the Patriots disappoint by losing in the first round of the playoffs! It was sad to see them lose to the Jets (although I do like the Jets' uniforms). It seemed the Jets could do no wrong. It was an exciting game; however, we wish the outcome had been different. Gerard really was in rare form yelling at the TV and stomping around the living room. (Gerard walked Abby at halftime and then watched the second half he watched in the basement while I watched upstairs with calming classical music playing and reading Perfect Chemistry.) It's scary to see him get so worked over a game! Abby climbed up on me--I think he scared her somewhat too! Near the end of the game, the Patriots failed on two on-side kick attempts.

If I were a coach, I would have my team practice, practice, practice that particular play. It just seems the situation comes up for it quite a bit and if teams could actually execute it properly, it would make a big difference in their win-loss records. It certainly could have made a difference in this game!

Afterward, I read some more and Gerard went to bed.

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Sandee said...

Well not over a football game. Just saying. :)

BeadedTail said...

We were bummed when the Chiefs played so horribly last week so I understand how Gerard feels. But, I must admit, we were cheering for the Jets. Sorry Gerard! :)

Pinkim said...

Hi There I am here from TrulySimplyPink and I think that that link should do the trick for the post that you want to read...I am still learning...Thanks for coming by! I like your blog!

Rebecca said...

If it was the Rapture, I'd be doing this. But a sports game, nope.

That's funny about Gerard watching in the basement. LOL

Karen and Gerard said...

Sandee: Yes, we know you aren't into sports or TV.

Beaded Tail: Aw, rooting for the Jets? Boo. We were pulling for the Chiefs. Guess this just isn't our season for football.

Truly Simply Pink: Thanks for the link.

Rebecca: I was happy when Gerard decided to go to the basement. He wanted to in the first place but I thought since we were both interested in watching, we could enjoy watching together. But then he was acting too crazy and when he started swearing at his team, I was glad to see him go. It really bugs me when he gets that worked up over a game.

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