Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Breakfast Routine: Pets First!

Manny: Since Karen has cut back on my food so I would lose some weight, I am very hungry in the morning and meow for my breakfast. If you turn up the sound on the video, you can actually hear me waking up my humans. My bowl is now on top of the kitchen table so Abby does not eat my food. She is good though because even if I knock some off, she leaves it alone when Karen tells her to. Spunky Doodle and I got in a little bit of a fight in the video because I had to make sure she didn't try cutting in front of me and eating before I did.

Abby: Karen feeds me first because I am such a good girl and wait patiently for my breakfast. Also, I think she likes to feed me first so I don't start barking. She only gives me half my breakfast though when she feeds the cats (except on Saturdays) and the other half she puts into my Kong and gives it to me when she goes to work. I will do a separate post about my Kong to show you the art of using it. Sometimes though if I hang around and make my cute face she will give me an extra little treat--of course, she always makes me do something to earn it.

Spunky Doodle: I am the most patient of all and get fed last. Sometimes I'll walk around on the kitchen counter while I wait. I am fed upstairs so I get a little exercise running up and down the stairs. Karen only gives me a little tiny bit at a time to make me slow down when I eat so I don't regurgitate it right after. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I love those Greenies! If you watch the video, you will see how I stop eating the Science Diet For Sensitive Stomachs and get those Greenies when Karen drops them on the other side of my dish. After I finish, I go back to the kitchen to eat Manny's leftovers and hope Karen doesn't see me.

Karen: Hope you enjoyed watching our morning routine. Sometimes Spunky gets weighed and comes in the bathroom with me instead of Manny. Usually Manny stretches and rolls around showing his poofy belly, but he was a bit camera shy and didn't want to do that on the video. Keeping the cats from eating the dog food was a concern of mine when we considered getting a dog but Abby eats so fast, it hasn't been a problem. The cats know to leave her food alone even though they do share her big water bowl. Gerard is usually the last one to get up but that is because he works the hardest.

What do you have for breakfast? Who eats first at your house?

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Sandee said...

Little Bit our dog is free fed so she eats whenever she wants to eat. I eat breakfast around 10 in the morning and then hubby eats after that. He's not much for eating in the morning and early afternoon. He's one of those night eaters that can clean out the fridge.

I've noticed that greenies are the first thing to go. Animals just love those things.

Have a terrific day. :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Karen and Gerard, I know you meant to post this later...but I'm sure glad you posted this today. It's hysterical...of course, i LOVE animals...and it was so funny to see Abby waiting patiently with a lot of manners...then Spunky and Manny getting into a paw-fight in the hall :) :) :)..or rather on the table :) :) They're so sweet!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Lin said...

Wow. What was with that (comment)?

We have an electronic feeder, but Hobbes is getting too big, so I think that might be going away for a bit. If we do canned cat food on the weekend, I give it to Grace first (she is the alpha cat) and then Hobbes. I like to respect her authority so it doesn't cause problems with the two of them.

marlece said...

wow, you are a girl and a guy who love your kitties! It looks like they are very sounds like a fun way to start your morn! I think after Ruby (my dog) and I finish our run in the morn I need to get a cat to feed too because all Ruby wants to do afterwards is sleep :) That makes for a boring morn compared what your routine is. hee, hee!

magiceye said...

hey that is so much fun!
i love having pao (bread) for breakfast or anything that my human eat!!
and yes we all eat together. of course i am not allowed to sit at the table. i have my own corner :)

woof woof
from bozo
Pets forever

Anonymous said...

لطيف آخر. شكرا.

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