Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday--An Unusually Good Day!

Several good things happened today. I made a deposit in my checking, relocated my cubicle at work to a better spot, was able to make a flexible doctor appointment, didn't get stressed even though I got home late AND someone bought my book.

It's always nice to get a surprise check in the mail. We recently received the government check to spur on the economy and yesterday I took another one to the bank that we got from my husband's Hartford Annuity. Apparently there was a class action and this was a settlement check.

Also, at work, I just relocated to finally be right outside the office of one attorney I work for. I've worked for him for probably around 15 years now and this is the first time I'll actually be close to his office! It was a beautiful day so I enjoyed my lunch time at the library garden.

Another good thing that happened was that I had a good book to read while waiting about a half hour for my bus. This time my husband had his cell phone with him so i was able to give him the heads up. The traffic was going nowhere when I got out of work due to being re-routed for a special concert on Public Square to celebrate the holiday early. Time goes fast when I'm reading a good book so even though it took me over an hour to get home, I wasn't stressed out about it.

I called our doctor's office to make an appointment for Gerard and me for our annual checkups on our vacation week coming up the week of July 14. Isn't that how everyone spends their vacation? Anyhow, I kiddingly asked if we could come the day it rains that week and the secretary said "yes"! She was serious too! I was so shocked, I asked What happened, did all his patients die?" but she said it was a wide open week since they'll just be getting back from vacation and that I could listen to the forecast and let her know a day ahead.

To top off the day on a positive note, when I checked my email, I discovered that one of my blogging friends just purchased my book ("My Funny Dad, Harry") from Amazon yesterday. Thanks Rene'!


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